It has come to our attention that there have been very isolated instances of illegal recreational use.

This has resulted in some deaths.

This use is both illegal and highly dangerous. An Invasive Ano-Fecal Interrogation (IAFI) is usually lethal to the subject. It is intended as an interrogation procedure of last resort against an uncooperative enemy or criminal suspect.

It is imperative to keep those with even mild potential towards these tendencies far away from any activities involving probal interrogation, and especially allowing them access to probes. Their deaths may increase attention to this procedure, and could raise public scrutiny. Any public scrutiny could lead to the discovery of this procedure by the public, which would be a severe blow to US military intelligence and the safety of the United States.

When abuse is encountered, those personnel must be eliminated per CFR507.81, US Secret Code 38, rev b., 1998.

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