Anograms and Anogrammetric Cryptography


Anograms are coded data imprinted inside a subject's rectum.

This data is used to identify and track subjects.

The invisible code would look like random spots, much like the new United Parcel Service bar codes used on packages or the random noise of a computer phone modem.

This random nature makes detection and identification of an anogram virtually impossible, even if the subject is attempting to identify and remove it.

Subjects are most often branded using infrared lasers housed within a device called an Anogrammetric Engraver Unit (AEU). The AEU is inserted into the subject's rectum manually, under the close supervision of a Probal Interrogation Officer (PIO).

This data is read with an Anogrammetric Interpretation Unit (AIU), also rectally inserted.

Some more advanced and expensive anogrammetric interpreters use CAT (computer-aided tomography) methods to read anograms from outside the subject's body.


Anograms are invisible to the subject, and even if a subject becomes aware of it, very difficult to remove. They are impossible to remove without delicate rectal surgery.

Anogrammetric engraving uses a coded pseudo random digital pattern just like the signal from a FAX machine or computer modem. These signals sound or look just like noise to people, but are easily decoded by the correct equipment into useful data. Likewise, an anogram looks just like a random texture to our eyes.

Because an anogram uses data coded to look like random noise they are virtually impossible to see against the natural texture of the inner rectum. In fact, without an Anogrammetric Interpretation Unit (AEU) it is impossible to see an anogram with the naked eye, or even see if one is present.

Anograms are used on subjects who would try to remove other sorts of branding and on subjects unaware of their subject status. These subjects are typically prisoners (all inmates of the US Federal Prison System are given anograms for their own protection) and humans chosen to participate in long-term research projects by the Aliens.

The Aliens possess technology which allows them often to read an anogram as transferred to a subject's feces from remote positions. This allows tracking of subjects based on the position of their previous bowel movement.

In this way, so long as a subject is alive, the Aliens can locate that subject for further research participation.

On rare occasion the Aliens will help locate subjects of interest to our Government. The Aliens have not yet chosen to allow us to possess this level of technology. These special requests are often made when attempting to locate fugitives from the Federal Prison System.

We believe that this remote location technology takes advantage of the high iron and red blood cell content in feces to allow detection of texture at very long distances using advanced forms of CAT scanning.


For many years anogrammetric cryptography has been used to transport our nation's most sensitive defense and intelligence data.

Anogrammetric cryptography involves encoding the data in a subject and having that subject transport the data.

The practical reason for this are obvious:

1.) The traveler may or may not know he's carrying this data.
2.) The presence of the data is completely undetectable.
3.) Sometimes the data may be collected without even having to perform an AI (Anogrammetric Interpretation) on the subject in the target location: one simply performs an FAI (Fecal Anogrammetric Interpretation). Of course an FAI tends to collect less data, since it's dependent on the fidelity of the imprint to the original anogram from which it is molded.

Anogrammetric Cryptography is orders of magnitude more secure than leaving hard drives floating around under the supervision of foreign immigrant scientists in some lab in New Mexico. The publicity stunt with the noted star of Chinese stage and screen Wen Ho Lee playing the part of a war criminal and scientist at Los Alamos National Labs was simply another ruse to divert attention from the real places our secure data is stored.

In fact, often these immigrant scientists are used as anogrammetric carriers without their knowledge to allow the transport of our most sensitive data back and forth between our operatives in the Communist countries from which we hire these "scientists."

Why else would we have people from Red China working with our nuclear weapons development?

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