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This is disgusting. Only now, with the Freedom of Information Act, have the American people started to learn the shocking truths behind the terrifying rumors of past decades.

It seems our government has sanctioned the deliberate mutilation, torture and outright murder of tens of thousands of American citizens since 1947.

Aliens who crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 were invited by the government to perform "research" on US citizens. The permission to perform these "experiments" was granted in exchange for technical and military secrets from the aliens.

This "research" mirrors the war crimes of human mutilation and torture committed by the Japanese and Germans in World War two.

The "Treaty of the Mutual Benefit of Confidence" was signed in 1947 by president Harry Truman with the aliens. It remains in effect today.

For instance, our "discoveries" of the transistor and supersonic aircraft in 1947 were actually given to us from the Roswell ETs as their first display of "goodwill" towards mankind. Unfortunately our government chooses to ignore the fact over 300 people were brutally tortured to death by these aliens in the first year alone as part of these "scientific experiments." The government thought and still thinks that the sacrifices made by those 300 Americans whose names have been lost to history were small in exchange for the benefits the United States received from just the transistor alone.

Each year hundreds of decent Americans are victims to this "research," as well as thousands of innocent and loving animals and plants of every species.

This "research" is responsible for the continued decline in rare and "protected" plants and animals. The aliens need to complete their catalogs of our rare species first, which only hastens the decline. Why else would, even with the wonderful efforts being made today at preservation of these species, the rates of extinctions be increasing?

The shortsighted people who control our government play right into the alien's longer-term schemes. These people are too short-sighted to recognize that the aliens eliminate each species from our planet as soon as each species' complete characteristics are digitized and entered into the alien's genetic database. These aliens want to ensure that other competing alien species cannot harvest rich genetic data from our planet. Therefore they destroy each species after cataloging it for future replication and eugenics efforts on the alien planet.

We too will be eliminated after they catalog the rest of our planet. The aliens are the prime motivator behind the Human Genome Project,. Good gosh, even the Government office that funds this smugly refers to itself as the "Division of Extramural Research." How stupid do they think we are? Even worse, too bad they are so self-centered that they are helping the aliens lead us down the path to our own doom.

Think about the increased pace of development these past 50 years, and how most of it revolves around the USA. Do you really think Americans could be solely responsible for all the world's technology if they had to come up with it themselves? Let's look at a few arbitrary inventions that the people who run our government would like us to believe that they "just sort of came up with" on their own.


1947: July 7th: Earth's first visitors arrive in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

1947: October 14th; Chuck Yeager flies the Bell X-1 at Mach 1.06, the first time anyone has gone faster than the speed of sound. Wow, tens of thousands of years of human history, almost 50 years of human flight history, and so I suppose that it's just a mere coincidence that the sound barrier is broken just three months after the first human contact with aliens, and by an American?

1947: November 17th: The Transistor. Pretty significant technology transfer, eh? Couldn't be any coincidence that it happened just a few months after the ETs landed? This won it's sham "inventors" the 1956 Nobel Prize.

William Shockley, one of those three American "inventors," also was a government military Research Director in WWII and served as Expert Consultant in the office of the Secretary for War. He also was Deputy Director and Research Director of the Weapons System Evaluation Group in the Defense Department. He was an American. We don't have to make this stuff up, you can verify it for yourself. Can you think of any other invention as significant to society as the transistor, which today is contained by the millions on every electronic chip?

1958: The Integrated Circuit by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments, a very decent guy, but also coincidentally an American.

1959: The Integrated Circuit again, by Robert Noyce in Palo Alto, another great guy who just happened to be an American. This was done at the current mailing address for the Anal Probe Corporation. Noyce and Kilby fought over patent rights for years.

Commemorative Plaque in front of the building at Anal Probe Corporation's mailing address
(click it to enlarge)

1969 The Internet. First conceived as "ARPANET" by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA just happens to be the liaison between the government and the Aliens to this day. More Americans again. Hey, it's not me who's getting repetitive, it's the US government and the aliens!

1969: The moon landing; mankind's highest technical achievement. A crew entirely of three American men are helped by the aliens helping the government beat the Communists to the moon. How stupid do they think we are? Could a few guys really get their acts together by themselves and achieve something the entire world never had done before, or after?

Note that this supreme and only (public) extra-terrestrial venture by man has never, ever been equaled by any other country. Curious? You would think the Germans or Swiss, or even the Japanese or Chinese could just copy what we did and would have commuter flights on the hour by now, but no! Turn off your TV and turn on your mind and think! What other explanation could there possibly be?

1993: "Mosaic," the first Internet browser that allowed regular people to see web pages on the ARPANET, now called the Internet on which you are reading this. So it just occurred to its inventor, Marc Andreessen one day that "creating a graphical Web client would be an interesting thing to do." Sure, the idea just just came from out of nowhere to someone who, just happened to be American, while he just non-coincidentally happened to work at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), a federally-funded research center. Marc describes NCSA as having a "very large established budget--many millions of dollars a year --and a fairly large staff and, frankly, not enough to do." Sure, if all your projects are secret and all the real breakthroughs are being spoon-fed to you by the aliens it looks like nothing is going on. The money had to be thrown at them to make it look like they really were working to invent these things, whereas in fact the money was and is going to remodel rich politicians's yacht galleys in Barbados.

2000: Working draft of the sequence of the Human Genome. Jesus Christ, this is too scary to contemplate as we near the end of this project.

2005: The Crossbar Latch replaces the Transistor. In a paper published in the Journal of Applied Physics, 01 February 2005, Phil Kuekes, Duncan Stewart and Stan Williams of HP Labs demonstrate a "crossbar latch" which provides the signal restoration and inversion required for general computing without the need for transistors. This technology could result in computers that are thousands of times more powerful than those that exist today. Wow, what a coincidence: just like the original invention of the transistor and the moon landing, three Americans again just happen to "discover" technology's next chapter. What is it the Aliens have about combinations of three American men?

Anal Probe Corporation

We have started to get copies of some of the highly secret internal web pages of the Anal Probe Corporation. APC was originally based in Palo Alto, California, however we now think that much of the design and production occurs in a high-tech area near San Diego, California. The influx of intellectuals and other intelligent, clear-thinking people to the Bay Area has made it tough for such an old-guard operation to stay in Palo Alto.

APC has been building anal probes under contract to the US Government since 1947, based on plans provided by the aliens.

Only under the Freedom of Information Act, and the fact that 50 years has past since its inception, have we been able to start getting some info about Anal Probe Corp. Actually by law it's all public now, but getting them to give us the information is a completely different story.

Electronic history buffs should recognize the current address of APC as one of the birthplaces of planarization in the heart of what has become today's Silicon Valley. Happenstance coincidence, or terrifying fact?

As you view the select pages from APC just remember that these morons actually think that the wholesale murder of a section of the population for the benefit of another is perfectly justified. You will be sickened by their attitudes towards people's sexual preferences and the rights of those wrongly accused.

APC capsulizes all that is evil in the free world. Please see the next page and their website (on an empty stomach) and help save ourselves from this idiocy.

I don't know about you, but I'm about to vomit at this point. Read these things for yourself, and see how anyone could ever come to any other conclusion.

The shortsightedness of the people involved with this is about to get us exterminated as soon as the Human Genome Project is completed. These morons in DC are going to wind up getting all of us wiped out, including themselves.

Do they really think we share their viewpoints, and that we will actually believe that all these wonders of technology mysteriously were created by Americans?

Now we can band together using the Internet, which was funded through the deaths of our brothers and sisters. Don't let their deaths be in vain, but instead let us use the Internet for which they died to save ourselves. We need to take action before we all perish! Tell all your friends to demand our government cease all relations with the aliens immediately!

Click here for Anal Probe Corporation's disgusting internal website

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