Yamaha TSR-7810

7.2 channel AV Receiver

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Yamaha TSR-7810 is the same as the RXV-781 available at Amazon. You can get this TSR-7810 at this link directly to them at eBay (see How to Win at eBay).

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The Yamaha TSR-7810 is an AV receiver with HDMI, component and composite video and analog stereo, optical and coaxial digital audio inputs.

It is app controlled, has an AM/FM tuner, apps for Pandora etc., Bluetooth and both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.

It has preamplifier outputs, as well as 7 power amplifiers that can be assigned to 9 sets of speaker terminals.

Its auto calibration function is a breeze: just plug in the included mic, and it asks you if you want to start auto-cal, and in a minute or so it runs a bunch of sinusoidal chirps that allow it to set level, delay and a 7-band parametric equalizer fort 9 audio channels, as well as a 4-band parametric for the subwoofer — and we can see and edit these as well as set everything manually.




Analog (Audio 1) Input

Audio 1 in -> Preamp Front channels out

SW output active aftewr LP crossover; front outputs run full range.


Analog Gain

+16.5 dB: 13.522/13.743 dB

0 db: -3.084/-2.857 dB


Maximum Input

2.63/2.58V RMS



1 V RMS out @ 0.1% THD with 2V RMS in at -4.0 dB gain setting

1.4 V RMS @ 0.3% THD with 2V RMS in at 0 dB gain setting. Turns out power amp is running into clipping at this level.


Power Amp Gain

With 1V in at 0 dB indicated, there is 697.8/716.0mV at the preamp output and 19.61/20.46V at the unloaded speaker terminals.



about 0.002% at 100mV out.

about 0.0005% at 700mV out.



AV1 input to front preamp output.

SW output active with LP crossover; front preamp outputs are high pass.



0 dBFS makes 1.53V at the preamp outputs at 0 dB indicated gain at 0.3% THD. Speaker outputs trying to make 29.2 V RMS.

-40 dBFS makes 104mV at the preamp outputs at +16.5 dB indicated gain at 0.06% THD. Speaker outputs 2.976 V RMS.



0.0015% at -20 dBFS at 0dB indicated gain.


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More Information

Yamaha's TSR-7810 pages

Yamaha TSR-7810 Owner's Manual


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