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Canon EOS Utility
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May 2010        More Canon Reviews


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Canon's EOS Utility is a free program that comes on a CD or DVD with Canon DSLRs.

EOS Utility allows you to control your camera remotely, transfer images from your camera to your computer, and to set your camera so that your copyright and contact (or any other data) is encoded into every image file.

As of May 2010, it is version 2.8.1. I'm working on a 2009 Apple 13" MacBook Pro, with an Intel processor and OS 10.6.3.

I had to download an updated version in May 2010 so that I could download directly from my 5D Mark II when my second SanDisk Extreme IV Firewire reader died on me in the field.

Unlike other cameras, simply plugging your camera into your computer's USB port won't have your camera pop up as an external drive — without the right software on your computer, you'll get nothing.


Installation         top

To install the program, you need the disk that comes free with your camera. Once you've installed some of this, it's free to download updates from Canon's website.

I had an old version of about 1.8 on my computer, and it was too old to recognize the 5D Mark II.

No problem; a fast trip to Canon's website got me the update, which easily installed itself right over the old version with no fooling around.


Connection and Disconnection         top

Use a USB cord.

When connected, the camera's rear status LED blinks continuously.

To disconnect, I quit the program and unplug my camera after waiting a while for the access light to stop blinking. If I'm not doing anything and unplug with the light blinking, I've also been OK.


Downloading Images         top

Once installed, it's easy to figure out how to download images.

Click either of the two download options.

I prefer to drag and drop from my finder without software, but it works if you need it.


Window Prioritization

The only problem I find with EOS Utility is that it incorrectly thinks it's the only program running, so the transfer windoes always usurp the top window location.

This means that if you're trying to do something else at the same time, that you have to scoot the EOS Utility downloading windows off to the side of your screen, since otherwise they will incorrectly attempt to stay on top of any windows of other programs you are trying to use at the same time.


Remote Control         top

As easy as a Mac, it's trivial to control your camera remotely. All your settings pop up on the computer, and it just works.

Simply click the "Camera Settings Remote Shooting" option from EOS Utility's main screen.

It's uncanny how everything just shows on the computer, including picture styles for saturation etc.

You can make changes on the computer or on the camera.

Want to shoot? Just press the picture of the shutter button on your screen!

The image appears on your computer.


Adding Copyright Data to Camera Files         top

Again, simply click the "Camera Settings Remote Shooting" option from EOS Utility's main screen.

When you have the remote control screen showing, click the Communist party icon (hammer and sickle), click on the data fields, and type. It automatically updates your camera so that all files shot, even with the computer long gone, have this data in each file.

I never see the Owner's Name field when I play back files.

I do see the Author and Copyright fields, for instance, under FIle Info in Photoshop.

Set this once, and all your files are tagged for the rest of the life of the camera until you change or delete them. You need a computer again to change them, but can delete them from future files by deleting these settings in-camera.


TIme Lapse         top

The remote control part of the software also can be set for automated shooting.


Overall         top

It's free, stable and works great. It's more stable and smother than many paid-for programs!.

By comparison, Nikon sells a crummier program for a lot of money. Canon rules!


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