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Canon ImageBrowser
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May 2010        More Canon Reviews


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Canon's ImageBrowser is a free computer program that comes on a CD or DVD with Canon DSLRs.

As of May 2010, it is version I'm working on a 2009 Apple 13" MacBook Pro, with an Intel processor and OS 10.6.3.

The reason to download it is because it's the only software of which I know that can read all of the EXIF data in Canon files, in simple English.

For instance, if I want to read the trim I used for white balance, or the saturation setting, Canon ImageBrowser is it.


Installation         top

To install the program, you need the disk that comes free with your camera. Once you've installed some of this, it's free to download updates from Canon's website.

I had an old version of Canon EOS Utility 1.8 on my computer, and there seemed to be no problem adding and updating to the newest version of Image Browser via a download from Canon's website. It easily installed itself.


Usage         top

It looks at files on your computer. I didn't bother trying to see if it would look at files on a connected cameras or not.

You must select a folder with images for it to interpret. If you have a folder with other folders in it, it only see the images in the selected folder, not images within other deeper folders.

You'll see folders in a bar along the left, thumbnail images along the bottom, and your selected image towards the top, with it's data in a panel along the right.


With Canon 5D Mark II Files         top

With the Canon 5D Mark II, it reads the picture settings (saturation, etc.), white balance settings and trims, as well as settings of the custom functions. It reads more, too, like the firmware version.

The custom functions are listed in simple English, and only seem to list what was set away from default.

Camera-chosen Auto ISO settings are also shown.

It reads lens used with its trade name, for instance, "EF 28mm f/1.8 USM."


With Canon 5D Files         top

With the original Canon 5D, it reads the picture settings (saturation, etc.) as well as the numeric values of all the custom functions and the firmware version.

If you want to decode the custom functions into English, you'll need your camera or its manual.

It reads lens used with only its focal length, for instance, "70-200mm."


With Canon Powershot Files         top

It reads lots of data from Powershot files, like saturation and color settings and ISOs used in Auto ISO.

Data will vary with camera, for instance, the SD700 only reads that you shot in Auto ISO, while the S90 shows the actual camera-set ISO value. All Powershot cameras seem to show color settings.


Overall         top

It's free, stable and works better than many paid-for programs.

I'd suggest it as the only way I know to read back all the camera setting data from any Canon digital camera file, in legible English.


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