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Nikon D10
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Nikon has confirmed that some day they'll have FX cameras at the amateur level.

Will it be the D10? Probably not, but since some hacks cut off the bottom of a D3 in Photoshop and labeled it as a D10, I put up this page for sanity's sake.



Simple extrapolation tells us a D10 will be between 12 and 24 MP, and probably about 5FPS.



No one knows, and those who do know, are blood-sworn to secrecy.

Anyone who gives you a story like "My pal at the gym is a salesman for Nikon and he told me that..." is just looking to be popular online.



Big deal, even if something were announced in August 2008 we couldn't get it until December 2008, even if we ordered the same day as the announcement.

If you need the Full-Frame Advantage, Canon has been making amateur full-frame cameras since 2005. You can buy a Canon 5D for the same price as the D300.

Nikon's hot new high-end stuff is never available off-the shelf for usually a year or two after announcement. Remember the 18-200mm VR? It was two years before you could get them easily. The D3? Announced August 2007, and it wasn't in stock anywhere until Spring the next year.

Got something to shoot today? Then use a camera you can get today like the D300.

Real pros all realize that the 13MP of today's D3 is more than they need for anything, including billboards. Get a D3 or D300 and you'll love it as everyone else does.


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