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Nikon D1H D1x Review Test

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get the D1X here or here and D1H here or here.

Nikon D1X D1H

get the D1X here or here and D1H here or here.


The D2H obsoleted the D1H in 2003 and the D2X obsoleted the D1X in October 2004. I wouldn't buy either of these D1 variants new today, and personally prefer the lightweight and more advanced amateur D70. This review stays up on my site as an historical reference, so please remember it was all written in 2002 when I bought my D1H and it was hot stuff.

This is an awesome camera for action if you shoot a lot. I see no more reason for the F5 because of the D1x. If you want speed, shoot the D1x or D1H, if you need film quality then shoot a larger format camera or an F100 or N80.

This ought to be simple: if you shoot enough film and need results fast this camera will pay for itself. If you shoot still subjects you ought to be shooting in medium or large format, and not digital or 35mm.

Watch it if you shoot a lot of blank backgrounds or clouds: dirt on the CCD will show up in your images.

See suggestions for memory here

Avoid the temptation to buy a gray import, since you are likely to need service by Nikon some time down the road and they may not even touch a gray model. I bought USA for this reason. Lenses tend to run for decades without any service; I know my camera will need some work sometime, especially a digital cam which will probably have firmware upgrades.. You can get the D1H here and the D1X here.

I hope I wasn't too snotty about all the professionalism built inside this camera. I am trying to communicate that you are getting a lot more for your four or five Gs than you read on the spec sheet or reading some dry review of those same specs by some other drone over the Internet. This camera gives you what you pay for!

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