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Nikon D200 for Skydiving
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Skydiving in Lithuania
Photo: Nerijus Strumila
at 14,000 feet / 4,000 meters

I bought mine from Ritz here. I bought another D200 from Adorama here. Also try Amazon here. Adorama usually has D200/18-70 kits in stock here. It helps me keep adding to this site when you click these links to get yours.

Direct from Lithuania!

I get some cool stuff in my mailbag when people ask first so I'm around to catch it.

People in Eastern Europe love to push things to the limit. The Russians have already sent me photos from the D200 at forty degree below zero!

A Lithuanian reader, Nerijus Strumila, loves his D200 for skydiving. Some cameras like Olympus have safety drop sensors, and simply turn off when you throw them out of a perfectly good airplane. The D200 by comparison works perfectly.

He tells me it's perfect for use in free fall at 170 MPH (360 km/h or 120 m/s).

Nerijus suggests mounting it on your helmet and firing it with the remote. I suggest setting auto everything and set the focus to AF-C (continuous) and set the AF switch on the back to the big rectangle, which lets the D200 pick the best AF sensor all by itself. Tape your zoom where you want it.

More Lithuanian skydiving photos by others.

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