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Nikon D4X
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Nikon D4X

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There is no Nikon D4x — yet, but the X models always come a year or two after the base model. Any idiot can summize that the D4X will use the 36 MP sensor of the D800E with added mechanics and processing power to belt these images out at a sustained 6.5 FPS.

It's easy to predict Nikon's new products, since they update them on a predictable schedule if you'd just calm down and look at history.

Looking at announce, not ship dates:


D1: June 1999.

D1X: February 2001 (20 months).


D2H: July 2003.(there was never a D2.)

D2X: September 2004 (14 months).


D3: August 2007.

D3X: December 2008 (16 months).


D4: January 2012.

Add 16 months to the D4's announce date, and we have the D4X scheduled for May 2013 announcement.


This is all easy to predict when you sit back and look at what Nikon's done in the past. For pro film SLRs, the interval between major updates has been 10 years ever since 1959.


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