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Nikon D6000 Forecast
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February 2009        More Nikon Reviews


Introduction    top

The D6000 may be a replacement for Nikon's D60.

The D60 is due for replacement any day now; the D60 is simply a re-sensored D40, and the D40 came out on 16 November 2006.


Specifications (target)    top

Finder: 95% coverage. 12mm eyepoint.

Electronic Level: No.

AF: 11 points.

Shutter: 1/4,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb.

Flash Sync: 1/200.

Frame Rate: 3 FPS.

Built-in Flash: GN 39/12 (Feet/meters at ISO 100). Controls wireless flash.

Sensor: 16MP CMOS.

Sensor Size: DX.

Live View: two modes.

ISO: 100 ~ 6,400. Nikon really only want you using ISO 200 ~ 1,600, so lower ISOs are read as gibberish like "Lo-1" and higher ISOs are coded as garbage like "HI+2."

File Formats: JPG, NEF. NEF in 12- or 14-bit with no, lossy or lossless compression.

Rear LCD: Exquisite 3," 920,000 pixels. HDMI HD output, but it uses a screwy, non-standard mini HDMI connector.

Storage: Single CF card.

Data Communication: USB.

Power: EN-EL7, new for the D6000.

Price (USA): $649, March 2009.

Introduction: 03 March 2009.

Available: Early April 2009.



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