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Nikon Package Deals: Spring 2010
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March 2010     More Nikon Reviews

These package deals are new as of March, 2010, and may (or may not) last for most of March, but that's about it.

These are so good that in many cases you can throw some of the package away, and you're still paying less for what's left than if you bought them alone.

The price links get you to the deals, and the product links get you to my reviews. (The black prices are MSRP, which are usually much more than anyone actually pays.)

The prices shown are the prices you should see only after you've added them to your cart. They are so low that Nikon won't let Adorama show them by themselves, but I don't work for Nikon or Adorama, so no problem showing them here.

Some of these packages are stupid, for instance, pairing FX cameras with DX lenses, but they do make sense if you want the items offered for use with other items you already have, or if the package gets you items for nearly free anyway.

These prices may wiggle around; these are what I saw when I wrote this. I'm sure I've got a typo or two here, but clicks the price links and add the items to your cart to see the sale prices.

This camera with -->

70-300 VR


$7,983.95 ($8,600)

$7,868.95 ($8,500)

$8,908.95 ($9,600)

$9,368.00 ($10,000)


$5,714.90 ($5,800)
$5,599.90 ($5,700)
$6,639.90 ($6,800)
$7,118.95 ($7,200)
$2,914.90 ($3,300)
$2,784.95 ($3,200)
$3,839.90 ($4,300)
$$4,298.95 ($4,700)
$2,739.90 ($3,100)
D700 + 24-120 VR
$3,239.85 ($3,600)
$2,249.95 ($2,300)
$1,899.90 ($2,400)
$2,939.90 ($3,600)
$3,418.95 ($4,100)
$1,839.90 ($2,300)
D300s + 18-200 VR II
see line above
$2,589.90 ($3,200)
$1,446.95 ($1,750)
$1,139.90 ($1,600)
$2,179.90 ($2,800)
$2,678.95 ($3,300)
$1,079.90 ($1,500)
D90 + 18-105 VR
$1,746.95 ($2,050)
$1,429.90 ($1,900)
$2,469.90 ($3,100)
$2,948.95 ($3,600)
$1,369.90 ($1,800)
$1,064.90 ($1,475)
$949.90 ($1,300)
$1,989.90 ($2,500)
$2,468.95 ($3,000)
$889.90 ($1,200)
D5000 + 18-55 VR
$1,154.90 ($1,600)
$1,039.90 ($1,400)
$2,079.90 ($2,600)
$2,558.95 ($3,150)
$979.90 ($1,337)
D3000 + 18-55 VR
$973.95 ($1,100)
$858.95 ($967)
$1,898.95 ($2,100)
$2,358.95 ($2,500)


These sale prices only appear after having been added to your online shopping cart.



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