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Nikon SB-20
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August 2007

More Nikon Lens Tests.


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The SB-400 was introduced on November 16th, 2007.


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Size, HWD: 4.414 x 2.870 x 2.944:" (112.12 x 72.89 x 74.77 mm), measured, orthagonally (squared up)

Weight: 13.150 oz (372.7g) with four 2,500 mAh Ni-MH Sanyos. 9.030 oz. (256.0g) empty.

Price: No longer available new. Sells used for $40 - 50 in 2007. Sold new in New York for $190 in December 1993.

Compatiblily : Film Nikons. On digital, use any of the many on-flash (non-TTL) auto settigns, with work very well.


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Recycle Time: 4.1s to next ready light, full power, 2,500 mAh Sanyo HR-3U Ni-MH (2007)

Real guide number

SBY wakes up with D40! sleep in 90 sex.



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We'll see when I get one.


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