Nikon TC-16a

Autofocusing Teleconverter (1986-)

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The Nikon TC-16a teleconverter was an odd 1.6x teleconverter that both multiplied the focal length and f/number of a lens by 1.6, and also contained optics which allowed even manual focus lenses to be autofocused by the camera!

It was introduced with Nikons first autofocus cameras of the 1980s to try to give people a way to add autofocus ability to their existing manual focus lenses!

This nutty converter actually does work, converting a 50mm f/1.8 lens to an autofocusing 80mm f/2.8 for instance.



1.) It only works with better cameras which have a screw for autofocusing; it won't autofocus with the cheapest DX digital cameras like the D3xxx and D5xxx series.

2.) AF range is often restricted, and you may have to focus longer lenses manually to get them within the small range over which this AF teleconverter can shift the focus.

With an 80-200mm f/4 at 200mm the closest autofocus distance with the lens set to infinity is 50'/15m. With the lens set to 80mm and infinity, the closest autofocus distance is 12'/3m.

3.) You can't zoom and hold focus; you have to refocus after zooming.



I tried it and it works on my N2020, F4, F6 and N90s.

It doesn't work on my 4004, F100 or D80.

I'm told it works on the D2, but haven't tried it.

It works even with f/4 lenses, making them the equivalent of f/6.3.

It freaks out with G lenses on the F4. It gives A mode only, and thinks the lens is more open than its aperture actually is. Otherwise, it gives AF over the usual full range.


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