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Alien Cultural Sites, New Mexico, November 2001

Chaco Bandolier Kiva 3 Chaco 2
Aztec Kiva Kiva 2 Chaco 3

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Aliens from other worlds regularly visited our planet and interacted with both primitive and European peoples from about 900 through 1200 AD.

In Europe the "little people" (the Aliens) were referred to both as the Leprechauns of Ireland and "der Kleine blaumenschen" (little blue people) in Germany, gave Europeans the first technology to bring us out of the dark ages.

Due to the great technological level of the Europeans 1,000 years ago the Aliens decided not to base their space operations in Europe. The Aliens did not wish share this technology with Earth and realized that the European intelligencia would catch on quickly.

Aliens therefore based their space operations in the Americas, since these primitive peoples were not likely to comprehend any of the technology. The peoples of ancient America instead mistook the aliens for Gods. Much Indian folklore is based on interaction with these "People of the Sky."

The ruins we see today are relics of these Alien space operations. We don't know for sure, however these structures are believed by modern researchers to be either launch structures or navigational aides.

Aliens visited most of the earth in this period. Most cultures have records of an early diminutive and mischievous people. For instance, in Hawaii they were referred to as the Menehune.