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Adorama pays top dollar for your used gear.

I use Adorama, Amazon, eBay, B&H, NCPS and ScanCafe. I can't vouch for ads below.

Phil Steele Event shooting

Phil Steele Training

31 January 2015, Saturday

Canon 7D Mk II

Canon 7D Mk II and EF 35mm f/1.4 L.

NEW: Canon 7D Mk II Review.

I've had basic information there since it was announced; here now my full review.


Rebates expiring today

Nikon Rebates


Canon Rebates

Canon Lens Rebates

Canon's rebate form

Sony rebates


30 January 2015, Friday

Canon 24mm f/2.8 STM

Canon EF-s 24mm f/2.8 STM.

NEW: Canon 24mm STM Review.


NEW: Tokina 11-20mm f/2.8 for Nikon DX.

NEW: Tokina 11-20mm f/2.8 for Canon APS-C.


Nikon D750 Recall

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 and 50/1.4G.

If you've noticed a weird flare with a brilliant light source along the top of your frame in your D750, Nikon will fix it for free.

Nikon's Recall Page says my D750 is among those affected, and I've never seen any problems. I'm not going to bother sending my camera anyplace, although I may send it towards the end of it's warranty since Nikon always gives cameras a cleaning and a once-over before it returns them. If I have a camera that I'm not using daily, I'll send it in before the end of the warranty just to have it checked out and any other "secret warranty" items updated.


ONE MORE WEEK: Route 66 Photo Tour

Signs, Tom's Welding, Barstow CA

Signs, Tom's Welding, Barstow, 4:40 PM, 07 February 2014. (Year 2000 Nikon S3, Gossen Digisix light meter, Voigtländer SC Scopar 21mm f/4, Kodak Ektar 100, NCPS process and scan, Athentech Perfectly Clear.) bigger.

I'm told we're just about full, but we also usually have a cancellation or two, so if you'd like to join us, contact Dave.

This year's Photo Tour of California's Route 66 is Friday-Sunday, 06-08 February 2015. We meet in the afternoon Friday and shoot just about nonstop until Sunday morning.

Here are snaps from last year's tour, and here's more about the tour and how to register.

Most people bring DSLRs, while myself and others always love to bring period cameras. I usually bring 35mm rangefinders or 120 Brownies, or whatever strikes my fancy as I'm heading out.


29 January 2015, Dad's Birthday

Slides or Prints?

A reader asks, since his local lab runs both slides (E-6) and prints (C-41), if there's really that much advantage to shooting slides if his main intention is to scan them and using the images digitally?

Yes, there are HUGE differences.

Slides are like digital: what you see is what you get.

With negatives, Heaven only knows what the results will look like, since they have to be scanned or printed before you can see anything. Scanning or printing from negatives can make the image look like any color or exposure as it's converted to a positive.

Negatives are good if you're an awful photographer and need to recover from poor exposures, but pros have always shot slides for reproduction and display so we know what we're going to get and aren't at the whim of the kid at the lab.

I shoot slides (Velvia 50) for photos of places and things, and negative (400 ASA color print film) for people. For B&W, it's TMAX 100.

Of course if digital is your end product, shooting with a digital camera gets you technically better images faster. The whole point of shooting film is if you want real photographs, meaning prints on paper or projected images.

There's nothing that can beat the resolution, color accuracy and dynamic range of projecting directly from the original slide film, and nothing that looks like a real fibre-based B&W fine art print.

The key to shooting negatives is that since only you know how the final image should look, it will only look that way if you print (or scan) it yourself. With negatives, if you need the exactly right colors and exposure, you can't have the lab do everything for you. With slides, you can have the lab do it all, since you get the same thing every time with slides — not so with negatives

The whole point of film isn't for online use; it's for hanging on gallery walls or projecting on 165 foot wide theatre screens.

More at How to Shoot Film.


28 January 2015, Wednesday

Today only: Price drops on SanDisk Solid State Drives.


26 January 2015, Monday

NEW: Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8

This new lens covers full-frame and comes in mounts for Nikon, for Canon and for Sony / MAXXUM.

It has VR for Nikon and IS for Canon, and has instant manual focus override with a SWM/AFS/Ultrasonic AF motor.


Free Canon 6D

Canon 6D with printer and paper: $1,339 after rebates!!!

Price is $1,989 at checkout. There's a $300 rebate on the 6D, and $350 more on the camera+printer+photo paper bundle. $1,989 - $300 - $350 = $1,339!


Canon 6D with 24-105 L, printer and paper: $1,839 after rebates!

Price is $2,489 at checkout. There's a $300 rebate on the 6D, and $350 more on the camera+printer+photo paper bundle. $2,489 - $300 - $350 = $1,839.

Hey, I paid about $2,000 for my 6D body-only when it came out, so as far as I'm concerned, paying less and getting the superb 24-105L thrown in as well makes these deals are free.

Really free expedited US shipping is included, too.


22 January 2015, Thursday

Extended by Popular Demand: Sale on Phil Steele Photography Courses

My friend Phil Steele really was trying to end his sale, but you guys are eating up so much of it he decided to keep it going a little while longer. If you haven't already checked out his previews, do it to see why so many people love his courses. He's got a 60-day no-risk money-back guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose by ordering. Phil's courses are the best I've seen. Once ordered, you can watch them all you want from anywhere on just about anything, far better than a book, file or eBook.

SAVE 33%: Secrets of Successful Event Photography.

SAVE 15%: Lightroom Made Easy.

SAVE 15%: Photoshop Basics for Photographers.

SAVE 15%: Pro Portraits with Off-Camera Flash.


21 January 2015, Wednesday

Fujifilm X-E2 Review

Fujifilm X-E2 and Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 APD.

NEW: Fujifilm X-E2 Review.

Fuji's best interchangeable-lens camera for those on a budget. It's pretty much the same as the X-T1 for a lot less money.


20 January 2015, Tuesday

Canon Rebates Expiring Soon

All Canon Rebates.

Rebate form

Also note that with any SLR purchase Adorama offers free drops & spills warranty for a year when selecting it by "buy together & save."


Recorder and Headphone Deals

Beyerdynamic DT 880 & Tascam DR-22WL Recorder: $249.99 after two $25 mail in rebates!

Headphones alone usually sell for $289.99 & the Tascam Recorder sells for $149.99 - that's a $200 savings with purchasing bundle!

$25 Tascam Rebate form and $25 Headphone rebate form.


Deals on Canon 5D Mark III and 70D kits

All Kits Include: Canon Pixma Pro-100 Printers and Canon SG-201 Photo Paper:

The 5D-MK3 kits also include: New Leaf PLUS - 1 Year Warranty (Including Drops & Spills), A Slinger Camera Bag, A Lexar 64GB Memory Card and A Canon LP-E6 Battery:

Canon EOS-5D Mark III SLR Body with Pro Printer Deal plus Valuable Accessories FREE $2,449.00 (Regular $3,099.00) after $650 Mail-In Rebate.

Canon EOS-5D Mark III SLR Camera Kit W/ EF 24-105L BUNDLED with Pro Printer Deal plus Valuable Accessories FREE:
$3,049.00 (Regular $3,699.00) after $650 Mail-In Rebate.

Canon EOS-5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera Body Kit with EF 24-70mm f/4L IS Lens - Special Promotional Bundle
: $3,199.00 (Regular $3,849.00) after $650 Mail-In Rebate.

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera Body - Special Promotional Bundle: $799.00 (Regular $1,349.00) after $350 Mail-In Rebate and $200 Instant Rebate.

All with Free US Shipping.


19 January 2015, Monday

TODAY ONLY: SanDisk Specials.

Expire midnight, NYC time.


Rotel RX-1050 Review

Rotel RX-1050.

NEW: Rotel RX-1050 Receiver Review.

Bush-league performance at a premium price, but that's OK since it's so unreliable that you won't have it for long.


16 January 2015, Friday

Fujinon 50-140mm 2.8 Review

Fujinon 50-140m f/2.8 OIS WR.

NEW: Fujinon 50-140mm f/2.8 OIS WR Review.


New from CES

New Fuji cameras.

New Pentax Binoculars.

New 135mm f/2 Rokinon lenses in all mounts.

Headphone Deals

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250Ω with free Tascam DR-22WL Recorder: $204.99 after $25 Rebate, with free US shipping! Good while Supplies last.

The DT770s are great headphones. DT770 review.

Sennheiser MM70S IEMs with Inline Remote/Mic for Android: $39.95 (Regular $71.95) with free US shipping.

Sennheiser MM 70i IEMs with Mic & Smart Remote for iPhone: $42 (Regular $61) with free US shipping.

15 January 2015, Thursday


Meets tonight in Pacific Beach. All are welcome and it's free!


Fujinon 56mm APD Review

Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 APD.

NEW: Fujinon 56mm f/1.2 APD Review.


Apogee Mic

Apogee Mic 96k.

NEW: Apogee Mic 96k Review.

A professional micrpohone for use with Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhone.


14 January 2015, Wednesday

ONE DAY SALE: 82mm Hoya Super HMC Circular Polarizer: $59.95 - with free shipping!


13 January 2015, Tuesday

NEW: How to Zoom Your Screen.

I do this all day, every day, but I never knew I could do this until a few years ago when my baby boy discovered this by chance.


ONE DAY SALE: Senal SMH-1000 Headphones for $49.99 - with free shipping!

Today only. As you can see at my Senal SMH-1000 review, these are direct copies of the Sony MDR-7506 with better sound.

Especially if you run a radio or TV station, today's the day to stock up.


COMING: Route 66 Photo Tour

Signs, Tom's Welding, Barstow CA

Signs, Tom's Welding, Barstow, 4:40 PM, 07 February 2014. (Year 2000 Nikon S3, Gossen Digisix light meter, Voigtländer SC Scopar 21mm f/4, Kodak Ektar 100, NCPS process and scan, Athentech Perfectly Clear.) bigger.

This year's Photo Tour of California's Route 66 is Friday-Sunday, 06-08 February 2015. We meet in the afternoon Friday and shoot just about nonstop until Sunday morning.

Here are snaps from last year's tour, and here's more about the tour and how to register.

Most people bring DSLRs, while myself and others always love to bring period cameras. I usually bring 35mm rangefinders or 120 Brownies, or whatever strikes my fancy as I'm heading out.


12 January 2015, Monday

Nikon deals

Nikon Mirrorless deals.

Nikon Coolpix deals.


10 January 2015, Saturday

Canon 180mm Macro

Canon 180mm Macro.

NEW: Canon 180mm Macro.

Canon's best macro lens.

Canon's sharpest lens.

For macro or just tripod shooting, get one.


Nikon D3300 Users Guide App

NEW: Ken Rockwell's Nikon D3300 Users Guide app.


Nikon D5300 Users Guide App

NEW: Ken Rockwell's Nikon D5300 Users Guide app.


07 January 2015, Wednesday

Live from CES: New from Fuji, Canon, Sony & Panasonic.

NEW: Fuji 16-55mm: $1,196.

NEW: Kit with Canon 6D and 24-105mm STM: $2,199.

NEW: Canon ELPH 160.

NEW: Canon ELPH 170.

NEW: Canon SX610 HS.

NEW: Canon SX710 HS.

NEW: Canon SX530 HS.

NEW: Canon VIXIA camcorders.

NEW: Sony FDR-AX33 4k handycam.

NEW: Sony 4k handycam bundles.

NEW: Panasonic 4k handycams.


Nikon 300mm f/4 AF

Nikon 300mm f/4 AF.

NEW: All Nikon 300mm f/4 Lenses Compared.

With the new 300 PF VR I needed to make a master chart so I could see every 300mm Nikon f/4 and f/4.5 lens made in the past 50 years stack up against each other.

The new 300 PF weighs only half what the other lenses do!


06 January 2015, Tuesday

Live from CES: Lightweight Nikons. Yeah!

Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500 and 18-55mm DX VR II.

NEW: Nikon D5500.

It's a D5300 with a touch screen.


Nikon 55-200mm VR II

Nikon 300mm f/4 E PF VR.

NEW: Nikon 300mm f/4 E PF VR.

It's an all new Fresnel lens that weighs half what the old 300mm AF-s does.


Nikon 55-200mm VR II

Nikon 55-200mm DX VR II.

NEW: Nikon 55-200mm DX VR II.

It's an all new lens that weighs less than the old 55-200mm VR and collapses, too!


05 January 2015, Monday

Live from Las Vegas: CES

The press events have been running all weekend, while the main show formally starts tomorrow.

With all the fluff that comes out each year to excite the innocent, there are two big points to consider before getting off on the little tangents that each TV maker loves to take us on.

First, within a technology, everything pretty much stays the same. B&W CRTs were all very similar, shadow-mask color CRTs were worlds different than B&W CRTs but all pretty much the same as each other. Trinitron CRTs are way better than shadow-mask CRTs, but all similar to each other.

See a pattern? Once a genuinely new technology comes out, it usually wipes the previous one away. One ought not worry too much about what are minute differences between different maker's versions of the same thing, and ought to be looking at the big picture: look ahead to what's next.

Today, plasma screens can look great, but are limited by the electronics that drive them. Their weak point is getting delicate control of subtle colors, especially at darker levels. Plasma pretty much went away from consumer sets unfortunately.

LCD TVs are a technology that, unlike many previous ones, really has been getting better and better. Remember LCDs that got lighter and darker as we moved up or down? Those were awful; it turns out that LCDs have many technology variants within their class. Using smart arrays of LEDs to light the back of the LCDs let us get good blacks, a huge improvement.

Still not mainstream, the next technology coming is OLED. OLED monitors are way ahead of LCDs. At trade shows, innocent people are impressed by the blindingly bright displays and obscene colors, but the real reason OLEDs are superior is that they can display accurate colors, as well as subtle differences between similar colors, and here's the biggest two: OLEDs can display accurate, subtle colors even as they descend into black, and can display pure, infinite black. Plasma and LCDs are relatively awful for trying to display black and very dark colors, while the completely different technology of OLEDs let them do this well. CRTs also do this excellently.

I've been around professional electronic displays for many decades, working at TRW developing imaging chips for video, spacecraft and SFX and then in Hollywood for a decade staring at $30,000 Sony BVM monitors all day, and in photography staring at state-of-the-art calibrated 30" monitors all day.

I had an epiphanal observation over the holidays as I worked on my 27" Apple iMac with Retina 5k display, whose display is unmatched and out-of-this-world good. Then I realized it when I thought about all the other professional monitors I've used: the iMac 5k screen is now better than ANY of them.

The iMac 5k has a pixel pitch so fine it's not there, colors and sharpness and screen uniformity and black levels and black levels in a lit room and everything make it easily the best picture I've ever seen displayed electronically. It's also the first display I've not bothered to calibrate; it's perfect right out of the box. As musicians say, it's "tuned at the factory."

If you want your digital photos to look great, you need a great screen. There is no better way to see your photos than on a 5k iMac.


More long lenses from Canon

Canon 300mm f/4 L IS

Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L ULTRASONIC.

NEW: Canon 400mm f/5.6 L Review.

While I use the new 100-400mm L IS II, this classic 400/5.6 is as good optically, weighs much less and costs only half as much, but it can't focus anywhere near as close, as fast, or zoom. This classic 400/5.6 also has no Image Stabilization.

Practical nature photographers and birders love the 400/5.6 for it's optical excellence, extreme reach, light weight and low price.


01 January 2015, New Year's Day

Happy New Year!!!

Best wishes to everyone for a fantastic 2015 A.D.!

For you copyrighters and Roman Numeral fans, it's Anno Domini MMXV.

I love Christmas. I haven't even let you know what Santa brought me, but it's important for our non-mainstream readers to realize that our dates love Christmas, too: for the past 1,500 years or so since we started counting them this way, our years count Anno Domini (AD) from what had been our best guess of the birth of Christ: the first Christmas!

Give or take a couple of years depending on how you interpret the ancient texts, every time we write the year, we're counting how many Christmases have passed. It's on our coins, legal documents and everywhere. Cool!

Chuck E Cheese tokens

Chuck E Cheese Tokens marked in Anno Domini.

Happy New Year!


I'm Loving Refurbished!

I never worry about how much an item costs if it helps me get better pictures, but I always want the best deal.

I'm impressed: Canon no longer seals its boxes so no one in their right mind today would ever buy a new camera or lens at retail since you have absolutely no idea of how many people have had their hands on (or dropped) whatever is in the box you're buying, and lo and behold, the refurbished Canon 320EX I just bought from Adorama comes in a sealed box!

Refurbished 320EX

Refurbished Canon 320EX. bigger.


Deal: Lexar 128GB Class 10, Professional 400x SDXC UHS-I Memory Card: $49.95 (Regular $99.95) with Free Shipping!

Are you kidding me? Under $50 for a 128 GB card from Lexar, the card of the pros? What do they think this is, 2015? Where's my flying car and housecleaning robot? They were all due 15 years ago!


Adorama's New Year's Clearance Sale.


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