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Bang & Olufsen Beocom Telephones
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June 2007    more reviews


Beocom 1600

Two one-touch memories (automatically turns on speakerphone and dials!)

Ten three-touch memories (pick up phone (or hit SPEAKER), Memory, Address)

Memories holds maximum of 28 digits per number, not enough to call and get acess to my voicemail account in one key.

Big, one-line display.

Hi-low-off ringer switch (four tunes selected in memory)


To add a number

With phone on-hook:

Type number.

Hold down ENTER, and at the same time, tap the desired memory location key.

Release ENTER.


To erase a number

With no number on screen:

Hold down ENTER.

Tap memory location.

Release ENTER.


Beocom 2400

Ringer level is set in menu.

121 memories, can be be looked-up with a few clicks.

Smaller numbers on two-line display.

To erase memory one by one:

MENU > 3 > ENTER > ENTER (repeat)


Beocom 2500

adds caller ID to Beocom 2400.

To add a number to memory, press Menu > Store > and follow instructions on screen.

Uses three AAA cells. Last abotu 18 Months; last changed 9/2011. Flashes battery icon when low, when it does, they test at about 7% on the ZTS MBT-1 battery tester.


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