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Film Versus Digital
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Digital hobbyists worry about spacer

Photographers (film shooters) enjoyspacer

Camera Camera
Lens Lens
Memory Card Film
White Balance Filters
ISO Lighting*
JPG or raw Composition*
Image Size (pixels) Color*
Image (JPG) Quality Perspective*
Sensor Dust Balance and weight *
Contrast settings Impact*
Saturation settings Gesture*
High ISO NR settings Negative space*
Sharpening settings Line*
Black Pixels Texture*
Banding Being there.
Buying a third-party users guide to figure out how to use the camera. Just shooting.
Trying to find the menu item to change the funtion of the flash. The film photographer already has his shot.
Trying to remember what CFN 37a does. The film photographer already has moved on to the next subject.
Spending time online. Becoming intimate with your subject.
Downloading pictures. Enjoying dinner.
Playing with computer in hotel. Playing with wife or girlfriend in hotel.
Backing up day's work. Planning tomorrow's shooting.
Charging 3 batteries. Get to sleep by 8PM.
Wake up tired with alarm at 6AM. Wake up without alarm at 4AM, excited and ready to go.
Tell yourself it's cloudy, roll back into bed and sleep. Play with wife or girlfriend again, then get out and make the most glorious photos ever of the spectacular sunrise that everyone else thought wasn't going to happen.
Finally out shooting at 10AM. Back enjoying breakfast and planning rest of the day.
Worried about everything. Stoked knowing you got fantastic shots.

Posting forgettable snaps to Facebook.

Hanging a one-man show of immortal images at The Guggenheim.

*These are artistic issues which relate to the creative basic elements of an image, without which pictures stink.

Have you ever noticed how the instruction manual to most film cameras is only about 10 pages long, just enough to show you how to put in the battery once a year and load the film, while the manual to any digital camera is an indecipherable 557-page volumn?

I realized that this shows us how, with a film camera, you can pay attention to making pictures, while most digital shooters are distracted by worrying about their camera settings instead.

Most digital hobbyists are so worried about their camera settings that they never get to paying attention to their subjects, which is the only thing that really matters.


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