Ultra High Resolution Pages

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Nikon 200-500mm

Nikon 200-500mm as seen in ultra high resolution.


February 2016


Many of my pages are in ultra-high resolution.

These pages automatically display in glorious sharpness on Apple's iPhones, iPods and iPads.

On your Mac, press the COMMAND ⌘ and + keys as needed to make the page fill your screen. The image and text will magically adapt and sharpen. Press ⌘ and 0 to return to the usual size, and ⌘ and - will shrink it.

Also on Mac you usually can lightly double-tap a trackpad or Magic Mouse to have the page just fill the screen.

On Windows use Control (CTL) and + to make everything larger to fill your screen. Use CTL and - to make it smaller again.

Each time you hold ⌘ or CTL and tap the + or -, the images get bigger or smaller to taste.





26 January 2016