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Lexar 1000x CF Card
UDMA 7 (2012-)
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Lexar 1000x CF Card

Lexar 1000x CF Card

Lexar 1000x CF Card (0.335 oz./9.5g, 16, 32 and 64 GB). This free website's biggest source of support is when you use these links, especially this link directly to them at Adorama or directly to them at Amazon, when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. Thank you! Ken.


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I use these in my Lexar USB 3 card reader.


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I use Adorama, Amazon, eBay, Ritz, B&H, Calumet, J&R and ScanCafe. I can't vouch for ads below.


As of April 2012, these Lexar cards are the world's fastest memory cards.

I've never worried about card speed for anything other than download speeds, however today with ultra resolution cameras like the Nikon D800, the 1000x speed really does help speed up shooting, and to an even greater extent, playback!

Specifically, this 1000x card helps my D800 record and play images much faster than with slower SD cards.


Write Times

While NEF files can seem to take a half-minute to record and for the green "writing" LED to extinguish, even NEFs and TIFFs record right away with these cards.

With a Nikon D800:

113 MB TIFF: 5.65 s (a 15 MB/2 class 4 SDHC card takes 25.55 s for comparison!).

(5) 113 MB TIFFs: 22.96 s.

(5) 14-bit uncompressed 77 MB NEFs: 9.58 s.

(5) 12-bit compressed 31 MB NEFs: 6.91s.

JPGs: too fast to count by hand.


Play Times

Write times aren't that important since cameras buffer the data and keep on shooting even as they are writing.

What is important is that the Nikon D800 makes such big files that even playback is significantly faster with these 1000x cards than it is with regular SD cards.

With slower cards, the D800 takes much longer to advance back and forth to different playback images.


Transfer to Computer

2011 Hexcore 3.33 GHz MacPro, OS 10.6.8, Lexar USB 3 reader via USB 2:

1.83 GB of TIFFs and NEFs in 49.92 s = 36 MB/s.

Not bad, but an 800x Lexar Firewire reader would be faster. Professional computers (Apple; pros don't use windows) don't use USB 3, so this USB 3 reader only runs at USB 2 rates.


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Mr. & Mrs. Ken Rockwell, Ryan and Katie.


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