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The Best Digital Camera for under $50
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I use Adorama, Amazon, Ritz, B&H, Calumet, J&R and ScanCafe. I can't vouch for ads below.


Digital cameras were expensive in the 1990s, and became affordable in the 2000s.

Now that we're in the 2010s, you can get a great digital camera for under $50 if you know how to scrounge.


The Very Best Camera for under $50

The best camera is always the one you already have with you: the camera that's already built into your phone or music player.

Just like any camera, these can be used to win contests and create great photographs. Your camera never matters.

So long as you have at least two or three megapixels, you have all you need to make huge, high-quality prints.

Honestly, if you cant make great pictures with the camera in your cell phone, you won't be able to make great pictures with any camera. Cell phones today are capable of great image quality; but to take great pictures, you have to have at least some talent as a photographer.


The Next Best Camera for under $50

Barring a freebie, the next best super-inexpensive digital camera is to get a close-out or refurbished camera.

They work as well as new, and come with all their chargers, cables, accessories and a warranty in case anything goes wrong.

You always can find a selection at Adorama's close-outs and overstocks and at B&H's refurbished Nikons.

As I write this in July 2011, you can get a great Nikon S560 for just $49.95 or a Nikon L19 for just $44.95. A Nikon S560 or L19 are marvelous compact cameras that sold for a whole lot more before.


Free Digital Cameras

Of course you can use any camera as a digital camera, for free. One of my favorites is the Canon AE-1 Program, which often sells for around $25 if you look hard enough.

People are throwing away perfectly great 35mm cameras all the time. Ask your parents, friends and neighbors and I'm sure you can borrow or get one for free.

See How to Get a Free Digital Camera for the specifics of how to shoot any 35mm camera digitally.


Used Digital Cameras

One always can get anything at this link to eBay, but I've never bought a used digital camera. The technology gets so much better every year that used digital cameras usually aren't worth the potential trouble, and to make good use of a digital camera, you need all the chargers and batteries. Used cameras might be missing something, making the potential for trouble finding a replacement cord or charger not worth it when you can get great refurbished recent or new model cameras for the same price.


Web and Toy Cameras

I wouldn't bother with $30 web cams and toy cameras, which are still pretty awful.

Cell phone and the cameras mentioned above are great for all serious uses, but web and toy cameras are still only best used if you want a deliberate fuzzy-picture effect.


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