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Citizen Compass Face Watch
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Citizen Compass Face Watch

Citizen Compass Face Watch. (Quartz, 36mm outer diameter case, one 377 cell, about $50 used.) enlarge. I got this one at this link directly to them at eBay (see How to Win at eBay).

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I found this by chance at eBay and I couldn't resist.

It's as clean, light and precise in person as it seems in pictures.

It's very thin and light, with a stainless steel case and band.

It has a very precisely printed dial.

The silver hands have very thin luminous areas as shown above. They are so thin that the luminous paint is invisible in the dark.

The outer diameter of the round stainless steel S18680 case measures 36mm diameter. On the wrist it looks like it's only 4mm thick, even though it's really 6mm thick, because the back of the case is a smaller diameter than the face.

The 54-Y0629 crystal is mineral.

The face says JAPAN 6031-S55311-SM MOVT. The outer scale is raised slightly so it's at about the same level as the hands.

It's as accurate as every other quartz watch, running exactly 0.3 seconds fast per day compared to WWV, or 9 seconds a month fast.

It looks great. If you need hours markers, those are in red every 30 degrees. Seconds and minute markers are on the inner scale, with markers every 5 degrees on the outer scale.

The only negative is that I find the band has slightly sharper edges than other metal bands, and tends to grab my hair on rare occasion.

These are hard to find. They also came with a black face with white markings and the same silver hands. As far as I know, they are from the 1980s and had about an $1,899 list price as part of Citizen's "Design Line," so very few were sold.

Good luck!


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