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Lever Set Watches
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Hamilton 992B

A lever set Hamilton 992B.


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What is a Lever-Set Watch?

Normal watches are set by pulling-up the crown. This is easy, but if you are a railroad man and accidentally move the time while winding your watch, you might have your train in the right place at the wrong time when another train is coming the other way, and people get killed.

Lever set watches are set instead by pulling out a tiny, separate lever, and then turning the crown.

Most lever set watches have a lever at the edge of the dial, and to get to it, you have to open (usually unscrew) the crystal. Remove the crystal, carefully pull-out the lever with a fingernail, and set the watch by turning the crown.

Be sure to remember to push the lever back in before you try to reattach the crystal; if you don't, you may cross-thread your crystal and you still won't get it back on.


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