Anal Probe Corporation In the Media


31 August 2000: FDA Approves Camera-in-a-Pill for Colorectal investigation article

16 November 1998: A local police department (not Federal law enforcement or US Military) obtains unauthorized equipment and nearly blows the cover of the secret Anal Probe project. article

01 April 2007: Google employs Anal Probe Corporation technology for harvesting user data in their TiSP "Dark Porcelin" project. See Google's press release.


Motion Pictures

The research carried on by our Alien partners is portrayed in Columbia's 2004 "Forgotten" starring Julianne Moore.

See our products used in the critically acclaimed documentary "Communion."

For this documentary the Anal Probe Corporation provided several probe shells to be used as props. Of course in practice the Aliens use their own proprietary probes, however they were not about to allow those to be used on a commercial film set.

As it was, the Anal Probe Corporation provided armed security the entire time and obtained security clearances for all personnel on the set.



Intellectual comedy show "South Park" animated Anal Probe Corporation products in one famous episode "Cartman gets an Anal Probe." You can see much of it all over the web at fan sites.

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