About the Anal Probe Corporation

The Anal Probe Corporation has been the world's exclusive manufacturer of interrogation-grade anal probes since its inception in 1947.

APC was formed after the 1947 signing of the "Treaty of Mutual Benefit of Confidence" between US President Harry Truman and Alien beings who had landed at Roswell, New Mexico.

This treaty entitles Aliens to bioassay humans and animals in exchange for technology transfer from the Aliens to the United States.

Among these transfers, in addition to the Transistor and the Jet Engine, were the instructions to manufacture anal probes now used by the US military and Federal law enforcement.

Today these probes are used for invasive interrogation procedures required for the national defense of the United States as well as the interrogation of criminals as required by federal law enforcement.

This website is apocryphal and the Anal Probe Corporation is fictitious.

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