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Mamiya 6 G 50mm F/4 L Test Review
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This is a spectacular lens. It's my favorite lens for the Mamiya 6, my favorite camera.

OK. I'll admit it; it's among the one or two best lenses I've ever used for anything.



It has eight elements in five groups.

It is 2.2" (55mm) long by 2.5" (64mm) around and weighs 11.8 oz. (335g).

It focusses to three feet or 1m.

It has a 58mm filter thread.

The special lens hood (not shown) is included, so don't buy a used lens without the hood.



It's almost flawless. It's sharp at every aperture and no noticeable light falloff, even at f/4.

It handles two 58mm screw in filters without vignetting.

It will handle two to three 67mm screw-in filters when used with a step-up ring.

The only flaw is one small central ghost if you deliberately place the noon sun in the image and have a deliberately dark object in the center to highlight this.

Remember that I'm a tough grader on lenses. When I say "almost flawless," any other reasonable person would be jumping up and down and yelling about how great it is, and losers who slobber all over themselves about how great one camera is or isn't would have a permanent woody over this lens.

This is a really, really good lens. If you are used to slumming with Leica, Canon and Nikon you will be astounded.

There is no distortion at any distance.



Just buy one.

Photodo.com tells us that it's sharper than the Rollei Zeiss Distagon 50mm lens. Just do it now.

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