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Nikon Nikkor-W 210mm f/5.6 Test Review

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OK lens. I bought mine used; it was from the 1980s and you can still buy the same lens new today.


Six elements, four groups.

67 mm filter thread.

70 degrees.

295 mm image circle, loads of coverage for 4 x 5 or even 5 x 7.

Copal #1 shutter: T, B, 1 - 1/400 second.

Stops down with seven blades to f/64.

Multicoated, as all Nikon large format lenses have always been.

Linear scale, no click stops, marked at third stops.

16 oz. or 460g.


I was never that impressed with it on my 4 x 5. Thank goodness one can still get real German lenses and not be stuck with only the Japanese products as we are in 35mm and digital today.


I'd go for a Schneider or Rodenstock. In this focal length you can get even a 50 year old used Schneider for next to nothing and it will be at least as good.

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