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Nikon D400
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March 2008


People are starting to send me more of what look like Photoshop mock-ups of a D400.

Here's what they say:

Specifications with commentary

Body: D300 body marked "D400" with an added "FX" logo from a D3.

Format: FX and DX, just like D3.

Resolution: 16MP in FX, 6.9MP in DX.

Frame Rate: 5 FPS; up to 6.5 FPS in cropped DX mode.

Rear LCD: 3.5" two-fingered touchscreen a la iPhone.

Data Communication: USB and WiFi.

Price: $4,299.99.

Introduction: Fall 2008.

Available: Spring 2009.



Don't wait up late for this, since its most likely the usual overactive Photoshoppers looking for recognition. This is all speculation. What I've seen looks nothing like real Nikon PR photos. If you need to shoot today, get a D3 or the readily available D300.



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