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Factory Sales Literature: Matrix Metering updated 25 Nov 2000

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Automatic Multi-Pattern metering was introduced in the FA in 1984. This period documentation explains this breakthrough.

AMP is the predecessor to Matrix metering. AMP only worked with available light, not flash. Modern Matrix is the same as AMP, with the addition that matrix is designed to work with flash, day and night.

Because the Matrix meter, at least in the F100, expects to see a flash used in very dark conditions it deliberately underexposes night scene backgrounds. This makes them look more natural than if it gave the full exposure the FA would. Unfortunately if you are photographing nightscapes with no flash then Matrix will underexpose. The FA with AMP metering is fantastic for nightscapes, but with any other Matrix Nikon you have to fall back to Center-Weighted metering with a lot of interpretation.

Click on these pages for the documentation. Read it slowly and understand it. You will need to know the LV and EV system, and it helps to know the Zone System. This should help you predict exactly what the Matrix meter will do in all circumstances, and allow you to interpret it properly to give you fantastic results all the time: 37 perfect exposures on a 36 exposure roll.

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