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Schneider 75mm f/5.6 Super Angulon Test Review

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Schneider 75mm f/5.6 Super Angulon

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Ritz Camera


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Mine is from 1967. I believe this f/5.6 series of 8-element 105º Super Angulon lenses, including this 75mm, were introduced at the 1966 Photokina. They were made through about 2002.

It's a great and useful lens. I use it all the time. This lens was made from the 1960s up until about 2002. It was single coated in the beginning and multicoated later.


Eight elements, four groups

67 mm filter thread

Five-bladed diaphragm

Compur #0 shutter: M (flashbulb) and X sync, V self-timer, B, 1 - 1/500

Clicks at half stops to f/64

105 degree field

198 mm image circle for plenty of movements on 4 x 5"

Mine is single coated; newer ones are marked "MC" for multicoated. I doubt coating makes any difference in anything except a subtle difference in color transmission.

82.5mm flange focal distance, more than some other 75 mm lenses making it easier to mount and use movements on most cameras

75.7 mm actual focal length


These have no ghosting; feel free to shoot straight into the light.

No distortion at any distance.

More fall-off at f/5.6 and 8 than other apertures, which makes perfect sense due to mechanical vignetting. Fall-off noticeable if looked for photographing brick walls, but no center filter needed for real photography.

Color rendition seems a bit yellowish green, maybe a point or two.

As almost all 4 x 5 lenses, sharp at all apertures limited mostly by diffraction and your ability to set up the camera and hold your film flat.


By all means go get one of any vintage. I use mine all the time.

Tip: the lens has focus shift at the corners but not the center. Therefore, stop down to f/11 to focus your corners. If you focus at f/5.6 your corners will be slightly out-of-focus. The center will be fine.

Tip: The front element comes very close to the front of the lens filter thread. Watch out when you attach screw-in filters because some, like the Tiffens, will contact the front element. You could mar or crack the lens if you aren't careful; and if you are careful just test and don't screw certain filters all the way in and you'll be fine.

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