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How to Find Anything on eBay
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A reader asked if I wanted to sell him some weird old gizmo I'd written about, since he can't find one anyplace. Well, of course I don't own it anymore even though I reviewed it years ago, but he'd looked everywhere.

The key is patience, be it for a weird accessory, a wife, or that perfect cherry SL500 or 30-year old portable digital audio recorder.

Here's how I find anything and everything weird:


1.) Go to eBay.

2.) Make a search.

3.) When you get your search honed-down to include only and exactly what you need, click "save search."

4.) While you're saving the search, be sure to check the option to send you an email you when things pop up.

If you miss that option while saving your search, go to My eBay > Saved Searches and find that search. To the right of it, click More Actions > Sign up for emails, and you're done.


Be patient. Depending on how weird your item, it could take days, months or years, but it will turn up.

No mater how weird some of the stuff I've wanted, like 50-year old LEICA SOOGZ adapters to put 39mm filters on my screw-mount A36 lenses, everything always turns up.

If you expect to win the item, make sure you know How To Win at eBay, which says bid high and bid last. This way you win, and probably won't actually pay anywhere near what you bid. If you bid early or don't bid like a man, you'll lose the auction and be waiting another year, so always bid high and bid last if you really want it.


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