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The Wall of Shame
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The Wall of Shame

The Wall of Shame.

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Some losers spend their time photographing color test targets, sheets of classified ads, brick walls, resolution patterns, star targets, and anything except something that would result in a decent photo.

That's why we all call this the Wall of Shame. Its shameful, since that same time could have been spent photographing something interesting instead of a blank wall or jacking around with test targets.

Don't let this happen to you!

It's OK to shoot a few tests when you get new gear to see how everything works, and it's always OK to practice so you know exactly what your gear can do and how to get the most out of it.

It's not OK to be doing this all the time, unless you're getting paid for it as an optical designer. Do it too much and you could go blind or grow hair on the back of your hand. That's why it's called the Wall of Shame.

It's like Karl Benz, inventor of the car and founder of Mercedes, who spent all his time tinkering with his invention and never drove it. Many photo hobbyists spend more time on the internet researching cameras than they do shooting, just as audiophiles can't enjoy a complete piece of music without having to turn it off and make some adjustment.

It was Karl Benz' wife who got fed up with Karl's tinkering (Karl never drove it more than a mile since he was never happy with it), and snuck out early one morning, loaded up the kids, and drove his contraption 62 miles away to see grandma. It was the world's first road trip.

Mrs. Benz wanted to show Karl that his car was good enough, just as you should realize that we always can find flaws with our cameras, but if we spend all day tweaking, we'll never make any photos until someone else shows us how.



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