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Wollensak 135mm f/4.5 Test Review

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Mine is from the 1940s or 1950s.

It's a junky looking lens that came included on my Crown Graphic that I was going to throw away. Au contraire, stopped down it is as good as any other lens I've used. This is the beauty of 4x5; all the lenses are pretty excellent, unlike in 35mm.


Press-on series-size filters.


I presume four elements in three groups.


It works fine. Stop it down to get the best performance in the corners, but otherwise don't worry.

No distortion, no ghosts, no problem.


If you get one included with a camera, keep it and use it. You really have no good excuse to get a different lens. It works fine and can produce spectacular results, especially today when most people's expectations have been lowered with digital.

If you're buying a lens for a new project then skip this, since 50 year old Schneider Symmars are much better for about the same price.

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