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Weddings 1993 - 2005

I'm not a wedding photographer, but my friends won't believe me. They keep twisting my arm and making me shoot these.

Click each one to see some images. There are a lot, so if you're on an old dial-up Internet connection it may take a while.

Joy & Chuck 1993
Mike & Jen 1998
Paul & Sandy 2002
Tom & Stacy 2003

Matt's wedding 2004

Ken Rockwell's Wedding
My own wedding 2005

Today I shoot these digitally and hand the happy bride and groom their CD the same day. As soon as I get to an Internet connection I can have the photos up on the Internet for everyone to enjoy.

Back in the 1900s I shot these on film like everyone else. I even shot some of Joy's wedding on 4 x 5!

Shooting a wedding digitally saves film and lab costs. It also lets me hand you all your original images the same day.

It's trivial to get great prints from digital files. Professionally I use Costco and they look better than prints I used to have made from film. Huge 12 x 18" prints cost only $2.99! You can take your CD there or home and start printing and emailing on your wedding day. I don't suggest it: my friend Paul got yelled at by his new wife for going home and starting to print them out on their wedding day!

Most professionals charge $3,000 just to give you a book of preview prints and post them on the internet, from which you then have to pay even more to get the final prints for which you thought you paid in the first place! They keep the original negatives and digital files for themselves so you can pay them for each print.

I'll give you all the original everything for you to do with as you please, and help you get all the good prints made.

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