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Leica M7 Hermes

The LEICA M7 and LEICA SUMMILUX 35mm f/1.4, Edition Hermès, as held by a LEICAMAN's girlfreind. Vergrößern. It helps me keep adding to this site when you use these links to Adorama, Amazon, B&H, Calumet, Ritz, J&R and eBay to get your goodies, as well as locally in Southern Califinira at OC Camera. Thanks! Ken.


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B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio

Ritz Camera

I personally buy from Adorama, Amazon, Ritz, B&H, Calumet and J&R. I can't vouch for ads below.


To the Leica man, only the best shall suffice. Second best is an oxymoron to the Leica man. It is not in his vocabulary. Second place is worse than losing, because it might be noticed.

To the Leica man, a silver medal would be an unfathomable embarrassment.

The Leica man concerns himself only with excellence, supremacy and being number one.

The Leica man exudes quiet confidence in his every step. The Leica man is always the best at everything he cares to do.

The Leica man doesn't care, or even know, the trifling price of his cameras. This is not relevant. Just like a Porsche, no one buys a Leica because he needs it. He acquires the Leica because he is who he is.

To the Leica man, the only expense on his acutely discerning radar is the insurmountable price of being second-best. This is never acceptable, much less even considered.

Don't fret price when discussing photography issues with a Leica man. He doesn't know or care price; the only thing that concerns him is being the best.

The Leica man rarely takes his own pictures. He has others to bother with that for him if he is on holiday. If the Leica man requires art, he has it purchased for him.

This is why Leica men don't care about a Leica's picture-taking ability, and get so oddly freaked out if you mention cameras that are better for a fraction of the price. "Better for what?" asks the Leica man. Taking pictures? Who uses cameras to take pictures? Rarely the Leica man. You are personally insulting him and his vastly superior taste should you broach this topic.

When seen in brochures, the Leica man almost always is seen shooting out of the open top of a convertible. You'll see the Leica man wearing a suit shooting nature from his convertible in the 1954 Leica M3 instruction manual, and see him, much younger and less well dressed, doing the same in the Leica 2009 product catalog.

In every case, all that the Leica man need do to effect a photo is to wave his Leica out the open top of his car. This shall be sufficient.

The Leica man does not compromise. The Leica man is not interested in anything made elsewhere, like Japan. That is not Leica. The Leica man knows his brand: all because something has a red dot with LEICA or LEITZ on it doesn't make it a Leica.

The Leica man doesn't trouble himself with the twittering of lesser men who might expend effort trying to argue an M8 or Oriental pocket camera into Leicahood.

Canada is OK. We all love polar bears, baby seals, igloos, Eskimos, beer, rare Canadian penguins, Santa Claus, reindeer, Reichman, hockey, maple syrup, free health care, celebrating the Christmas spirit year round, snow men and bacon.

Canada and Noctilux are OK in the Leica Man's book, not that he would ever go there except to look at polar bears from a warm, privately chartered and catered tundra buggy. The Leica man visits Churchill in August, when it's nice, and has his polar bears flown in for his pleasure. The Leica man doesn't rub elbows with the common man — there are germs.

The Leica man is not a collector. He is not the weak man wandering aimlessly in search of someone else's old camera. The Leica man exudes confidence and leads by example. The Leica man doesn't care if his Leicas (or anything) become worn or soiled in the course of having a good time; if so, he simply has them replaced.

We all benefit from the Leica man's unending quest for excellence. It is the Leica man we thank for the abundance of like-new Leica cameras available used. The Leica man acquires what he needs new, and disposes of it when done. Why would he clutter his home with month-old cameras from his last luxury trip when better to buy new for his next adventure? "Never sit on an asset" says the Leica man. It is in this way that he is assured of always having the newest and best.

The Leica man doesn't trouble himself with products with which Leica itself can't be bothered. If a product is no longer in production, it is not the best and the Leica man has no use for it either. The Leica man knows that products made in limited quantities are those which were bought in limited quantities — because few people wanted them. If no one else wanted them, why would the Leicaman?

The Leicaman only acquires new items. Why should he care about another man's cast-offs?

Only the best shall suffice. There is no substitute.



I'm not a Leica man, just a guy who likes to take lots of pictures. I support my growing family through this website, as weird as it seems.

If you find this as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone.

If you've gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you're family. It's great people like you who allow me to keep adding to this site full-time. Thanks!

If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00.

The biggest help is to use these links to Adorama, Amazon, B&H, Calumet, Ritz, J&R and when you get your goodies. It costs you nothing and is a huge help to me. eBay is always a gamble, but all the other places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. I recommend them all personally.

Thanks for reading!


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