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Nikon D200 and 18 - 200 mm VR Examples © 2006 KenRockwell.com

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These are original high - resolution files direct from my D200 and 18 - 200 VR. They were copied directly from my D200 to my hard drive and uploaded. They have never been opened in Photoshop or any of the Nikon software. Details below.

Feel free to open them up in Photoshop or however you prefer to see them. They're all © and all rights reserved, so please don't be tempted to repost them or sell bootleg prints. If everyone respects my generosity I can keep doing this.

ken_0367 ken_0718 ken_0861 ken_2114

KEN_0367.JPG, 1.7 MB

Fri., Feb 3, 2006 11:14:57 PM

18 - 200 VR at 44.0 mm

f/5.6 at 1/2 sec

D200 at ISO 400

KEN_0718.JPG, 1.8 MB

Sat., Feb 4, 2006 3:22:30 PM

18 - 200 VR at 52.0 mm

f/4.8 at 1/80 sec

D200 at ISO 100

KEN_0861.JPG, 1.6 MB

Sat., Feb 4, 2006 6:00:08 PM

18 - 200 VR at 18.0 mm

f/3.5 at 1/13 sec

D200 at ISO 800

KEN_2114.JPG, 1.4 MB

Sat., Jan 7, 2006 4:23:46 PM

18 - 200 VR at 20.0 mm

f/7.1 at 1/180 sec

D200 at ISO 100

ken_2254 ken_2193 ken_3545 ken_7330

KEN_2254.JPG, 2.7 MB

Fri., Feb 10, 2006 5:48:38 PM

18 - 200 VR at 24.0 mm

f/5.6 at 1/8 sec

D200 at ISO 400

KEN_2193.JPG, 1.7 MB

Sat., Jan 7, 2006 4:35:04 PM

18 - 200 VR at 70.0 mm

f/8.0 at 1/250 sec

D200 at ISO 100

KEN_3545.JPG, 1.7 MB

Sun., Feb 12, 2006 1:27:44 PM

18 - 200 VR at 82.0 mm

f/11.0 at 1/500 sec

D200 at ISO 100

KEN_7330.JPG, 1.8 MB

Sun., Jan 22, 2006 5:37:54 PM

18 - 200 VR at 46.0 mm

f/4.5 at 1 sec

D200 at ISO 800

These show the difficulty of getting everything sharp in real life. Even the wave photo has much of the image blurred due to subject motion and limited depth of field. Only the sign in the second image is in focus while the background is out of focus.

Of course with a one second hand-held exposure the last image isn't perfect, but the critical point is I got the shot at the exact moment the sky matched the light in the door. If I had run to get my tripod I would have missed it, even if I had any idea to where the guy with the keys to the car had ran.

Here's a new shot, one full second wide open at 18mm. I rested the camera on a railing and a couple of fingers. Notice how most of the palm fronds are blowing all over. Click for the camera-original file.

Duke's Canoe Club, Kauai, Hawaii

KEN_6718.JPG, 1.8 MB

Sun., May 7, 2006 7:31:54 PM

18 - 200 VR at 18.0 mm

f/3.5 at 1 sec

D200 at ISO 400

How I got this shot

These are direct from my camera. No sharpening, no dust removal, no color or exposure correction, no format changing, no cropping, no extra NR, no raw processing, no nothing. Just JPGs direct from my D200. It takes a lot of patience to get these colors, not Photoshop. See How I Get These Colors.

All except one were shot at JPG BASIC. The Rt. 66 Motel was shot at JPG NORMAL. JPG optimization was set to optimum quality, not the default of size priority. Optimize Image is set to Color Mode IIIa, and Saturation to +. Since they are original files all the EXIF data remains for you to examine.

It's important to note that these all were made with my VR lens without a tripod. The first and last shot were made with me bracing against a pole. The rest were supported only by my two feet! Without VR many of these shots would never have happened, since with a tripod I never would have gotten into position with enough time to make the shot in changing light.

If you're on Internet Explorer you'll need to find and deselect "resize to fit browser" to see these at full size, or hit the mag button each time which will hover over the image. Each is over 3,800 pixels wide, the native resolution of my D200.

I made my first 10,000 shots in December and January. My counter rolled over from KEN_9999.JPG to KEN_0000.JPG in February, 2006. Therefore the shots from February are actually shot numbers 10,000 higher than indicated by the file name. file KEN_3545.JPG is actually shot number 13,545! I'm at over 16,000 as I write this in May, 2006.

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