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Nikon D75
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The D75 is purely speculation.

If you need a camera today just buy a D70 or D200 and don't worry. Whenever Nikon announces a new camera it is months before you can buy it, and you'll make thousands of great photos every month with a camera you own and no photos with one for which you're still waiting. I have a whole page about managing obsolescence here.

The D75 will be announced via press release, so just look here (international) and here for Nikon USA each day. This is where all the magazines and other sites read the data, so you may as well get it from the source the day it hits.

Everything else you've heard is baloney since the people who know aren't telling.

It will have the same 10MP sensor as the D200 and standard DX sensor size, 5 FPS and MSRP of $1,299 USD. Unknown is if it will have a professional true CCD and 1/500 sync like the D70, or a cost-compromised CMOS sensor and sluggish 1/250 sync like the D2X. This sync and sensor issue is why the D70 stands out today since most other new DSLRs have decided to save money and use the CMOS substitutes for true CCDs. For some technical reason I haven't investigated the CMOS sensors for some reason don't come with electronic shutters to allow the full 1/500 maximum sync speed the CCD based DSLRs like the D70, D1X and Canon 1D and other earlier, more expensive cameras have. You can read why sync speed is critical for pro use here.

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