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Nikon N2020
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August 2007

More Nikon Lens Tests.


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The SB-400 was introduced on November 16th, 2007.


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Finder displays: four red and green focus indicators (>o< and "x" for can't focus.)

Power: 4-AAA with included MB-4. Optional holder for 4-AA.

Introduced: 1986.


Top    Introduction   Specs   Recommendations


AF is like you'd expect from the 1980s: slow, noisy, and indecisive.

Long Exposures

Maximum exposure time in A mode: 6s at any aperture at ISO 100.

Varies with ISO, not aperture.

Only about 1.5s at ISO 400. Maximum of 27.5s at lower ISOs.


Red LED by film speed ring: red light lights during advance, also film plane indicator


Top    Introduction   Specs   Performance

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