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Nikon Lenses on Canon Cameras
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I'd get the adaptors here or here

See also Roxsen Converter Review

Nikon G to Canon EOS Adapter. Weird but true, this crazy adapter lets you actuate the diaphragm of G lenses, like Nikon's latest extraordinary 14-24mm, for use on Canon. Used on the Canon 1Ds Mk III , you can get better images than you can from anything from Nikon. Weird but true!



Adorama pays top dollar for your used gear.

B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio

I use these stores. I can't vouch for ads below.

You can get an adaptor to put Nikon lenses on Canon EOS film and digital cameras.

Canon cameras have a shorter distance between the lens flange and film plane than Nikon. Therefore there are a couple of millimeters left over into which a metal mounting adaptor can fit.

Novoflex makes one in Germany you can get here or here and this place here makes one. Yes, some of it's in Japanese. Zoerk makes some weird stuff also in Germany.

Look out: these things are so weird that the photos at some of the sites erroneously show the even more bizarre reverse adaptor for Canon which couples the electronic contacts from the one end of the lens to the other. The one they're selling at those links is the one you want which is just a slim metal ring. You want the $200 one. The reverse adaptor you don't want is $400.

Oddly, Nikon manual focus lenses on most Nikon AF cameras are almost useless and provide no metering. These same manual lenses used with these adaptors on Canon EOS cameras provide metering, more function than on most Nikon AF cameras. Strange but true!

For the intrepid you can of course get anything in Japan. See here and here and no, I can't understand Japanese so don't ask me what it says!

Here's a much bigger page with a lot more details.

I bought one of the Roxsen adapters with AF confirmation in September 2007. See my Roxsen review for explicit details.

SRB-Griturn make weird stuff, too.

Have fun!



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