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Toning Black-and-White Images
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Black-and-White Grayscale image.


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Let's start with this grayscale image. I created this image from a color image as explained at Making Great Black-and-White in Photoshop.

To tone the image we first need to convert to grayscale if you haven't already.


Now we can call up the duotone box:


In the duotone box, choose Type: Quadtone.

Hit LOAD. This is where you go find the great presets already in Photoshop. You'll get a file search window. Find the QUADTONES folder. Find the PANTONES folder within. Select the last option, Bl 541 513 5773. Hit LOAD. Hit OK.

Toned Calculations

Toned version of above.

WOW! Looks great!

Finding these quadtone folders is trivial on a Mac: just type the names into the search box in the finder window that appears. I don't use Windows but I think the finder ought to open in the right folder. If not, you'll need to find these folders before you get to that menu to know how to navigate to them.

Next time you use this you won't have to search for the Pantone folder and file; it will already be loaded unless you chose another.

Want more toning options? People write these and share them, like here for instance.


Saving the Quad Tone

You may have to convert it back to an RGB file to save as some file types. This is easy: IMAGE > MODE > RGB.

I use SAVE FOR WEB, which is smart enough to do all that to create a color JPG for me automatically.



These are the crudest, sloppiest ways to show you how to do this. You should do this on duplicate layers and masks to do these conversions nondestructively.

Join The National Association of Photoshop Users where they teach all this stuff, or read lots of Scott Kelby books.



If you find this as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me write more with a donation.

Thanks for reading!


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