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Ritz Camera


Nikon D200 Accessories
© 2006 KenRockwell.com

I bought mine from Ritz here. I bought another D200 from Adorama here. Also try Amazon here. Adorama usually has D200/18-70 kits in stock here. It helps me keep adding to this site when you click these links to get yours.

SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: (may vary by country)

EN-EL3e Battery, MH-18a charger, Video Cable, USB Cable UC-E4, Strap, Body cap, Eyepiece Cap DK-5, Rubber Eyecup DK-21, LCD monitor cover BM-6, PictureProject CD-ROM


MB-D200 Vertical Grip takes six AA-size batteries or two EN-EL3e. It adds an additional command dial and alternative buttons for shutter release and AF start for vertical shooting. The AAs may be alkaline, NiMH, lithium or even the crummy "heavy duty" nickel-manganese kind you should avoid. It runs about $170.

WT-3 WiFi 802.11b/g Transmitter has buttons for vertical shutter release, AF start and an extra command dial. This transmitter works on channels 1 - 13, excluding channel 14. Channel 14 is the only channel used in Japan, so it probably won't be sold there. The USA uses channels 1 - 11 and most of Europe uses channels 1 - 13. Nikon says available Spring, 2006.

GPS Adapter Cord MC-35 adds location, elevation and UTC time, along with the usual shooting data, for each image. You also need to provide your own NMEA 0183 (Ver. 2.01) compatible GPS and 9-pin D-sub cable. The MC-35 cord alone runs about $100 (!). I guess it's priced to match the D2 series cameras for which it was introduced.

AC Adapter EH-6. This is the same AC adapter used by the D2 series. It runs about about $75. I've never used one; the batteries run pretty much forever.

DK-21M Magnifying Eyepiece. This is a bargain at about $25 compared to $100 cords!


EN-EL3e battery, $40. I can burn throgh two of these in a day, so I'd suggest you get a spare as I did.

MH-18a charger ($45).

LCD monitor cover BM-6 ($10).


MC-30 remote release cord, $55.

MC-36 remote release cord. It's $130 and I have no idea why.

Wireless ML-3 system ($165)

MC-22 ($50) is just a cord: there are just wires coming out of it to connect to mad-scientist devices.

MC-21 ($64) is a 10 foot (3 m) extension for the above cords.

The D200 also can be controlled through the optional Nikon Capture 4 software and the WiFi WT-3 at even greater expense.

Nikon also still makes a dedicated semi-soft case, just like the 1960s.


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