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Nikon F (1959-1973)
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Nikon F

Nikon F with FTN Photomic finder and Nikkor 43-86mm AI. enlarge.

September 2007

I just bought a Nikon F in August 2007. This page is barely here yet.




Nikon Lens Tests.



Ritz Camera

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The Nikon F was Nikon's first SLR, and theo world first universally adopted 35mm SLR.

It is the same as the 1956 Nikon SP rangefinder camera with a prism grafted on top. Interchangeable prisms are actually because the Nikon was first designed as a rangefinder, not because the world ever needed interchangeable prisms.

While there were German SLRs decades earlier, the Nikon F was the worlds first SLR system that was practical enough to become popular everywhere. This Nikon F is what's been putting LEICA out of business ever since its introduction.

Ultimately, it is the Nikon F which landed Nikon it's place in today's camera world.

The Nikon F works perfectly with any auto- or manual-focus Nikon lens, except G lenses. Its meter, if you have a version with a meter, works perfectly with any lens with an aperture coupling prong

More at Nikon Lens Compatibility.



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30.770 oz. (872.3 g), measured with FTN finder, 625A alkaline batteries and strap lugs, but without strap, without eyepiece cover, without lens and without body cap.

21.200 oz (601.0g) without finder, but with focus screen and lugs.

Introduction: June, 1959.


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removable back

mirror can flip up, but shutter not release at 1/500 up, even if turn off. Set to M90 to resolve,

2.8V meter works, shoots, but mirror stays up and no BC light


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More Information: Mentioned in the July 1959 issue of Pop Photo.


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