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Canon 1Ds Mk II
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Canon 1Ds Mk II

I'd get mine here, here or here. It helps me publish this site when you get yours from those links, too.

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This was introduced in 2004, and as of June 2007 is still the highest resolution consumer digital camera available. It is intended for use by professionals and rich amateurs.

If you have $8,000 it's got 16MP. Astoundingly in the world of digital, it was introduced in 2004 at $8,000, and still sells today for $8,000 in some stores.

As you can read here it's only marginally different from 8MP. For anyone who's loaded this is a great digital camera for shooting still lifes, real estate and landscapes, although as you know I far prefer film for even better quality, broader color range (especially deep reds), resolution and lower cost.

As it better be for eight grand, it's a killer camera. Get one if you have jobs to shoot now. In a year or two it will be tossed out on the pile of obsolete cameras just like it's predecessors. I know many of you find it hard to believe, but this is a disposable camera as I explain here.

For action it's a poor choice. For less than one-fifth the price the 20D is faster. For nature and landscapes large format film still gives better quality if you have the time, patience and skill.

If $8,000 is a drop in the bucket by all means get one, and otherwise I hope I've put this in perspective for ordinary folks.


16 MP. 4992 x 3328 pixel images. No big deal, only 40% bigger then the 20D (3,520 x 2,344 pixels).

4 FPS. 32 frame buffer. It's fast enough for weddings, but the 20D for less than one-fifth the price is faster.

ISO 100 - 1,600. Trick modes to get to ISO 50 and ISO 3,200.

45 AF points

Oversized 24 x 36mm sensor. Won't work with any of the EF-S lenses like the 10 - 22 mm, 17 - 85 mm IS or 18 - 55 mm lenses.

Flash Sync: 1/250. More about why I find sync critical here.


Like most things from Canon I'll presume it works great. I have not played with one.


16 megapixels is no big deal compared with 8 megapixels, see The Megapixel Myth.

If you have work to shoot today by all means get one. It will give spectacular results. If you're not a full time pro just know that the photos you make with this are going to look the same as whatever else you're shooting today.

Don't get one if you have to go out on a limb to afford it. It's not a big deal. You are paying a stiff premium over cameras with very similar performance.

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