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Ryan Rockwell

Born 8:16:30 PM, 15 December 2006, La Jolla, California.

8 pounds, 12.2 ounces (3,975g). 20" (51 cm).

The technical gobbledygook after each shot is the equipment I used for each photo. Many photographer friends ask.

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March 2007

31 March 2007, Saturday

Molly with Ryan's Sock

Molly with Ryan's Sock. (Canon SD700, no flash)


28 March 2007, Wednesday

Ryan on Ken's lap

Ryan helping Dad with his website. (Canon SD700 and built-in flash, by mom.)


27 March 2007, Tuesday

Ryan in Car Seat

Ryan is always raring to go for a ride. (Canon SD700 and built-in flash)


26 March 2007, Monday

Baby Ryan in crib

17 pounds, 26" long. (Nikon D200, 18-200mm, SB-600 bounced.)


24 March 2007, Saturday

Ryan Rockwell and Mimi

Ryan and Great-Grandma Mimi. (Casio EX-V7 at ISO 800, after Grain Surgery)


23 March 2007, Friday

Baby Ryan Rockwell

Waiting for lunch. (Casio EX-V7)


21 March 2007, Wednesday

16 pounds.


14 March 2007, Wednesday

Ryan Talking (.MOV)


Ryan Talking (.SWF)

Here's a video of Ryan talking. It's a 5MB file; forget it if you dial-in for internet. (Video from Canon SD700 converted to SWF in Visual Hub.)

Hello Video Experts: Now that I found Visual Hub to convert video to the more universal FLV or SWF, now I'm trying to figure out how to make the easy-play boxes you see on YouTube and Google so everyone can just see these. Let me know if you know how, and if you know how most efficiently to pull the file into Visual Hub after editing in iMovie. Here are links to the file in FLV, SWF , and .MOV.

Good God, this litte flash video is a CPU hog! It plays fine on my Quad 2.5GHz G5 at its native 640x480, but slows the frame rate if I enlarge the window to fill my 2560x1600 screen. It just about stops on my 800MHz iBook G4. Hmm, maybe I need to reduce these to less than 640x480. Too bad, since they play great in .MOV but fewer people have the plugin.


12 March 2007, Monday

Ryan Rockwell house shopping

Snooze in a friend's kitchen. (Nikon D40, 12-24mm at 12mm and bounced SB-400.)


11 March 2007, Sunday

Ryan Rockwell in the Jungle

Ryan Rockwell in the Jungle

Ryan Rockwell in the Jungle

Ryan visits the jungle, which was a gift from our friend Norma Jean.
(Nikon D40, 18-200mm and bounced SB-400.)

More Baby Ryan Rockwell Photos

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February 2007

January 2007

December 2006

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