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Ryan Rockwell

Born 8:16:30 PM, 15 December 2006, La Jolla, California.

8 pounds, 12.2 ounces (3,975g). 20" (51 cm).

The technical gobbledygook after each shot is the equipment I used for each photo. Many photographer friends ask.

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February 2007

28 February 2007, Wednesday

Ryan Sleeping

Ryan Sleeping before lunch. (Nikon D40, 18-55mm and bounced SB-600. Giraffe bedding by Gerry, The Baby Guy, (562) 696-1861. Tell him we sent you.)


Ryan at Rubio's

Ryan Rockwell at lunch at Rubio's. (Canon SD700)



Rubio's Fish Tacos - one of many San Diego Institutions. (Canon SD700)


27 February 2007, Tuesday

Ryan in Crib

Ryan in Crib. ($149 Canon A460)

Ryan slept all night last night, his third full night of sleep.


26 February 2007, Monday

Ryan getting licked

Ryan and Molly licking each other. (Nikon D40, 18-55mm and bounced SB-400.)


Ryan at Pei Wei

Ryan at our local Chinese-theme restaurant. (Canon SD700)


24 February 2007, Saturday

Ryan's second full night of sleep last night! We went to sleep at 9 PM and he slept straight through until our rotten little shitzu-poos woke us at 7 AM.

Ryan after bath

Drying off after Ryan's bath. (Nikon D40, 18-55mm and bounced SB-400.)


Ryan surprised

Ryan Rockwell Surprised! (Canon 5D, Canon 50mm f/1.2L @ f/1.4)


Ryan Sucking

Ryan's Favorite activity. He's a piggy-poo, like his dad.(Canon 5D, Canon 50mm f/1.2L @ f/1.8)


Smiling in seat

Ryan loves his racing seat! (Canon 5D, Canon 50mm f/1.2L @ f/2.2)


Ryan Smiling at Noni

Smiling at Grandma Noni. (Canon 5D, Canon 50mm f/1.2L @ f/2.5)






Embarrassment and Disassociation



Yay! (or is that Yeah!?) (series by mom, Nikon D40, 18-55mm and bounced SB-400.)


Ryan at Buca di Beppo

Ryan at Buca di Beppo. (Canon 5D, Canon 50mm f/1.2L @ f/2.5, ISO 1600)


23 February 2007, Friday

Ryan sleeps 6 hours straight: from 12:30 AM to 6:30 AM, when the dogs started howling and woke up everyone.

Ryan Rockwell typing

Ryan helping me on my website. Here is his first typing: "mmmmmmmm." (Nikon D40, 18-55mm and bounced SB-400.) (I used Photoshop to add whimsical text, border and color to the blank pad of paper that was on my desk. In case you recognize it as something else, rest assured I'm kidding you with Photoshop as usual.)


18 February 2007, Sunday, 8AM

Ryan's third word: "Nipple." He was sitting on my chest and eyeing my nipple, clearly an unproductive activity. Cute, but not productive. At least he wasn't eying his own nipples. Why does God put nipples on baby boys? They are of no real use to anyone and only confuse the little guys. Oh well, that's why God is God and I'm not.


11 February 2007, Sunday

Ryan Rockwell at El Torito

Ryan Rockwell at El Torito. Ryan decorated his chair for El Torito's Sunday brunch. (Canon SD700)


09 February 2007, Friday

Ryan Rockwell's package

Asleep. He takes after dad. The bunny's keeping an eye on him. (Nikon D40, 18-55mm and bounced SB-400.)


08 February 2007, Thursday

Ryan's first visit to Corona del Mar's Five Crowns Restaurant.

Ryan Rockwell getting ready

Ryan's always raring to go for a ride. Here he is in his car seat.


Five Crowns

The Five Crowns. The Five Crowns is an English-themed restaurant near Newport Beach, California. Thankfully the food isn't authentic English; unlike the food I had in England; the food at The Five Crowns is really good! The wild mushroom bisque soup-of-the-day was excellent.


Ryan Rockwell placing his order

Ryan places his order. "What, no kid's menu?" See the little bit of kid in a white shirt behind the guy looking like a waiter, right in front of the fireplace? It was that kid's birthday, and he got a compound bow and arrows, opened right at the table as a gift. I remarked with glee to my wife that she'd better get used to having a boy, because Ryan's going to be wanting the same things for his birthday, or worse. The kid who got the compound bow was wearing a suit jacket. My wife is afraid of boy things, so I had a grand time elbowing her with glee as the other kid's grandparents passed around the arrows and yet-unassembled bow components in glowing approval.


Ryan and Grandma Noni.


Noni and Pops

We were celebrating Grandma Noni and Pops' 44th wedding anniversary. (Don't like the blurry photo? Too bad! It's a 1/2 second hand-held exposure! All shots at ISO 1600, Nikon D40, 18-55mm, no flash and no IS or VR, except for the top shot of Ryan in his seat, which was with a bounced SB-400. Noni and Pops kept moving, so nothing would have made a sharp shot at 1/2 second.)


02 February 2007, Sunday

Ryan Rockwell

Ryan Rockwell checking out the photo supply aisle at the gift shop at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California. You can see how excited he is about Kodak products; these mirror my own my feelings.


02 February 2007, Friday

8:06 PM: First word, said to mom: "Hello!," or close enough.


01 February 2007, Thursday

Ryan Rockwell at Mimis

At Great-Grandma Mimi's.


Ryan making faces at Noni

Making faces at grandma Noni.


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January 2007

December 2006

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