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Ryan Rockwell

Born 8:16:30 PM, 15 December 2006, La Jolla, California.

8 pounds, 12.2 ounces (3,975g). 20" (51 cm).

The technical gobbledygook after each shot is the equipment I used for each photo. Many photographer friends ask.

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June 2007

25 June 2007, Monday

Baby Ryan on Couch

Ryan at Raimos

Ryan checking out the Peroni beer at Raimo's Pizza (516) 681-2442 in Plainview.


24 June 2007, Sunday

Baptism Day!

Ryan Asleep

Resting before his baptism.

baby Ryan in his baptism suit

Ryan's in his cute little outfit.

Ryan in Baptism Outfit

All dressed and ready to go!

Ryan in church

Sitting in church.

Ryan and his cake

"God Bless Baby Ryan," his first party!

Ryan, mom and dad

Baptism! Yeah!

Ryan's Rockwell sign

Ryan directing traffic to his party.

Grandma and Aunt Barbara

Grandma Rockwell and Great-Aunt Barbara.

Baby Salad

Baby salad, how appropriate!

ryan in suit

A fast nap between courses.

Mike and Jen Flaccomio

Mike and Jen.

Baby Ryan and Patti



23 June 2007, Saturday

Ryan and uncle Steve Rockwell

Ryan and uncle Steve Rockwell. (used Nikon N55 and 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6 G I just bought for my mom, Kodak 200 print film, processed and scanned to CD at Costco the same day for about $8 for the whole roll.)


21 June 2007, Thursday

Ryan pulls Pastor Huyck's Tie

Ryan pulling Pastor Huyck's tie.

Ryan and Dad at Bertuccis

Daddy and baby Ryan enjoying pizza at Bertucci's.

Pulling Mommy's Hair

Ryan pulling Mom's hair. (all today's shots: Canon SD700.)


20 June 2007, Wednesday

baby Ryan Rockwell at Wendys

Daddy and Ryan in matching outfits.

Ryan and Adina

Ryan yanking the hair of his future Aunt Adina.

ryan and mom rockwell

Ryan meets grandma Rockwell for the first time!

Ryan and Mom Rockwell

(all today's shots: Canon SD700.)


15 June 2007, Friday

Ryan's six-month birthday includes a visit to the doctor.

baby Ryan Rockwell rotovirus vaccine

Yeah! Rotavirus vaccine!

baby Ryan Rockwell on scale

17 pounds 13 ounces. 29" long. 44.25 cm head circumference. (both shots: Nikon D40, Nikon 18-200mm VR, Program Auto exposure, Auto ISO, Auto WB.)

09 June 2007, Saturday

Baby Ryan feeding

Ryan and mom enjoying Ryan's favorite activity.

Baby Ryan Rockwell in seat

Baby Ryan Rockwell matching Dad

Ryan and Dad were matching all day. Here we are eating at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza. (all four shots: Canon SD700, no flash. Lots of curves and sloppy layer masks on the shot above to get rid of the color cast from the red lighting and the fact that my face was in shadow.)


07 June 2007, Thursday

Baby Ryan and mom

(made with my Canon SD700)


02 June 2007, Saturday

Ryan and Fritos

Ryan's voracious appetite attacking a bag of Fritos. (Canon SD700)


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