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31 December 2005, Saturday

Updates to D200 pages. Added links at bottom of second performance page to a bizarre vertical striping seen by some amateurs. I've never seen it in 2,000 shots I've made on three D200s.

30 December 2005, Friday

Out shooting with my D200 and 18 - 200 VR for testing. WOW! Great images!

29 December 2005, Thursday

Updates to D200 page.

28 December 2005, Wednesday

New section at bottom of Backup page.

Minor updates to 12 - 24 mm page.

27 December 2005, Tuesday

Updates to D200 and bags pages.

26 December 2005, Monday

Updates to 18 - 200 VR review. FUN LENS!!!!

Christmas Day, 2005

Merry Christmas!

23 December 2005, Friday

NEW: How to Use Color Histograms

My 18 - 200 VR arrived today and I started adding performance info.

Constant updates to D200 performance pages.

22 December 2005, Thursday

NEW: Serbian Translation of How to Choose a Digital Camera

NEW: Russian Translation of The Megapixel Myth

Minor update: Nikon D50

21 December 2005, Wednesday

NEW: Adding Dynamic Range to Any Digital Camera

NEW: Camera Bags

Ongoing: Nikon D200 updates all day.

20 December 2005, Tuesday

NEW: Tested my personal Nikon D200 all day till the battery ran down. Wrote about 11 new pages on my initial discoveries here.

NEW: The Seven levels of Photographers - in Dutch!

19 December 2005, Monday

My personal Nikon D200 just showed up! I'll be adding heavily to my users guide and review these next few days.

17 December 2005, Saturday

Rewrote most of Nikkor 18 - 55 page. I love this cheap lens!

Added to Nikkor 12 - 24 mm page.

Updated Memory page.

Added a link to Nikon's soft case for the D50.

Minor updates to Camera Recomendations, D50 and Photo Software pages.

16 December 2005, Friday

Added more to the Nikkor 18 - 55 page. I like this cheap lens!

15 December 2005, Thursday

New: Russian version of Why Your Camera Does Not Matter

Added a source to Cleaning page.

Added new lot numbers to Nikon DSLR battery recall.

Added to 10.5mm fisheye review.

14 December 2005, Wednesday

First day back at an internet connection in over a week.

New: Travel Photo Tips from Maui. It has a shot from each day with detailed tips on how I got them. I worked on it each day, but since I never found an internet connection I wasn't able to uplink it for you until I returned.

Maui Palm Trees

Maui, Hawaii.

Added another reason to Why Pros Use Mac: great included fonts.

Minor update to Nikkor 55 - 200mm page.

Minor updates to The Seven Levels of Photographers and Nikkor 18-200VR pages and changed them to white.

Changed this page and How-To, Books, LinksWorkshops and About pages to white.

07 - 13 December 2005: Photo Trip to Hawaii

Away photographing in Maui, Hawaii.

06 December 2005, Tuesday

Added new book, Legal Handbook for Photographers by Bert Krages, to books page.

NEW: Tamron 11 -18 mm test.

05 December 2005, Monday

Updates to Nikon 17 - 55, 18 - 70 and 18 - 55 pages, including new distortion numbers for the Nikon 17 - 55. Guess what? For one-tenth the price the 18 - 55 has generally less distortion!

Added distortion measurements to Canon 10 - 22 mm lens report. This lens is great!

Updated and added a camera to my Holiday Camera Guide.

Started (unpublished) review of Tamron 11 - 18 mm.

03 December 2005, Saturday


Minor update to Cleaning lenses and CCDs.

02 December 2005, Friday

Update to Apple Aperture.

Minor update to Backup Software and Techniques.

Lots of little tweaks everywhere.

01 December 2005, Thursday

Updated ColorVision Spyder color calibrator review to reflect its new software.

Minor update to Minolta Multi PRO scanner software.

30 November 2005, Wednesday

New: Holiday Camera Guide!

Minor revision to 4 x 5 cameras.

29 November 2005, Tuesday

Complety re-wrote and updated Backup Software and Techniques.

Updated Nikon D200 vs. Canon 5D. Popular Photography, on the bottom of the second column of page 70 of the December, 2005 issue says that at ISO 1,600 that the D2X and the D50 have BETTER noise performance than the 5D. Oh well.

Updated Fallacies of Camera Measurements.

28 November 2005, Monday

Updated 180/2.8 Nikkor AF review.

Added more reasons Why Pros Use Mac.

Minor update to Computer Recommendations.

Fixed dead links on Epson 1640 page.

26 November 2005, Saturday

New: Backup Software and Techniques

25 November 2005, Friday

Wife's Birthday!

Updates to Apple Displays

20 November 2005, Monday

Minor updates to Why Pros Use Mac and SB-600 vs SB-800 pages.

New: How to Save Money and Keep Your Vehicle Collectible

19 November 2005, Saturday

Addition to Panorama Software page.

Minor update to Why Sensors Aren't Going to Double Each 18 Months

18 November 2005, Friday

Logistical updates to Apple Displays, Monitors and Monitor Calibration pages.

Minor update to Canon S80 page, now that it's shipping.

New: BMW Motorcycle News page.

17 November 2005, Thursday

Added to Panorama Software page.

Updates to Computer Recommendation pages.

Small addition to Depth-of-Field Preview Button page

15 - 16 November 2005, Tuesday and Wednesday

New: Schneider 47 mm XL lens review.

Wrote new articles on Why I Prefer Mac and recommendations of all the various Mac Computers and displays. There's a lot to like so it took me two days.

14 November 2005, Monday

New: What's a Depth-of-Field Preview Button?

Added more to Panorama Software page.

Added photo to Brooks Veriwide page.

Aded new link in Apple Aperture Software review.

Added new Mercedes SL600 page.

updated SL500 vs. 540i page.

11 November 2005, Friday

New: Apple Aperture Software review.

New: Macro Photography page.

Added direct link to replacement request from my EN-EL3 battery recall page

Updated D200 pages.

Removed typo from N75 page.

New: BMW K1200S sets world land speed record

Updated BMW 540i design flaws.

10 November 2005, Thursday

New: Nikon R1C1 macro flash page.

Wrote real Nikon SU-800 and SB-R200 pages.

Updated 2007 Mercedes S-Klasse sedan engines.

09 November 2005, Wednesday

Nikon EN-EL3 battery recall

New: 80-200mm f/4 AI-s page. Also minor updates to the other tele zoom pages.

Updated 18 - 200 VR page.

Numerous updates to D200 pages.

Added new items to Panoramic Stitching Software page.

Added more references why 4 x 5 cameras are still unsurpassed for landscape photography on my 4 x 5 and film vs. digital pages.

Updated 70 - 210 D page.

Added new links to Nikon, Japan's lens info pages, which includes MTFs.

Added info on 2007 Mercedes S-Klasse sedan engines

04 - 08 November 2005, Friday - Tuesday

Out shooting in Santa Barbara, California.

03 November 2005, Thursday

Added explicit details on using the older SB-28DX flash with the newest DSLRs on my SB-28DX page.

02 November 2005, Wednesday

New: Exposure. I can't believe you folks never asked!

New: Panoramic Stitching Software.

Added more detailed comparisons between Nikon D200 and Canon and to other Nikons

01 November 2005, Tuesday

Nikon announces the D200. I re-wrote the entire review and split it into seven pages.

Nikon also announced the 18-200, and I re-wrote the review.

Updated Nikon D50 review.

Added specifications page to my F100 review. How could you people have let me forget that these past 6 years?

31 October 2005, Monday, Halloween

Added some newly conjured features to the Nikon D200 page.

Added battery comparison to SB600 vs. SB800 page.

Candlelight vigil awaiting the D200's announcement.

28 October 2005, Friday

Added latest specs to Nikon D200 page.

27 October 2005, Thursday

Added links to Casio's new firmware for EX-Z750 and EX-S500 cameras. I updated both of my own little cameras easily.

Read a ton of your email. Emails really slow me down.

Minor updates to wireless slave page, 70-210 D page, ColorVison Spyder page, BMW 540i page, SL500 history.

26 October 2005, Wednesday

I see the first real looking D200 photos posted on an anonymous site supposedly leaked from Nikon UK. Also see photos of new 18 - 200 mm AFS-VR f/3.5 - 5.6G, SU-800 Remote Commander and SB-R200 remote macro flash.

Fall Color report updated

25 October 2005, Tuesday

Fall Color report updated

Cleaning house: put my Eiki LC-X1UA professional data projector up for sale.

Slight update to 540 bs SL500 page

20 - 24 October 2005, Friday - Monday

In Phoenix, Tempe and Sedona photographing.

19 October 2005, Wednesday

NEW: ColorVision Spyder Review.

Working on unpublished 47XL page

Added to Center Filter page.

18 October 2005, Tuesday

New addition to film vs. digital page here in response to a slew of hate mail

Minor corrections to D70, D70s SB600 and SB800 pages

Broke humongeous Mercedes SL500 page into ten smaller ones (unpublished pending proofreading)

17 October 2005, Monday NEWS: Rain in San Diego!

Brand-new page on Center Filters.

Reading your email.

Updated BMW 5-Series history.

16 October 2005, Sunday

Updated old D100 page. Did you realize the old D100 was introduced back in 2002 as Nikon's first amateur DSLR?

15 October 2005, Saturday

Added data to Schneider 47XL page (not yet published) and started pages on Rodenstock 65 mm f/4.5 and 90 mm f/6.8 Grandagon pages, also not yet published.

13 October 2005, Thursday

Added page comparing Nikon SB-600 to SB-800

Updated prices and links for D70. Also added a separate D70 news page.

Updated Nikon 28-70 AFS page.

12 October 2005, Wednesday

Added idea about flash use on Interiors page.

Added news to D70 page.

11 October 2005, Tuesday

Added two new books to photo books page.

10 October 2005, Monday

New: Hungarian version of "What is Art?"

New: How to Photograph Interiors

Updated panoramic film scans page.

09 October 2005, Sunday

Major update to printers page.

08 October 2005, Saturday

Updated 70-210 D page with recommendations

06 and 07 October 2005, Thursday and Friday

Read the past 2 weeks email from you folks

05 October 2005, Wednesday

New: Resolution Creep

New: Correcting Perspective

New: Correcting LCA and Color Fringes

Updated page on correcting lens distortion

added distortion data to Nikon 55-200mm review

added distortion data to Nikon 18-55mm review

Updated Canon S80 review, added distortion measurements

Added distortion measurements to Nikon 20mm AF article

04 October 2005, Tuesday

Wrote brand-new sYCC article.

Nikon discovers a D70 flaw where the green light may just blink at you and your camera is dead. They'll fix this for free. Also there's a weird problem with some D2H and another with the N55. See here.

Completed pagination of BMW 540 pages.

03 October 2005, Monday

updated Nikon 70 - 200 VR review

29 September 2005, Thursday

added flat art scan update to Epson 4990 scanner review

cleaned up BMW 540 pages and broke the one huge 20-page-long page into several pages.

28 September 2005, Wednesday

What is this, like reporting my activity to my boss? I drove to the film lab today getting film back for review on the Schneider 47XL and Tachihara and spent the rest of the time adding to my BMW and Mercedes worship pages.

27 September 2005, Tuesday

NEW: Tachihara view camera review

26 September 2005, Monday

Minor changes on 75mm Super Angulon page and not-yet-published 47mm Super Angulon XL page.

Just got back from weekend photographing Mono Lake.

NEW: Eastern Sierra Fall Color report

Insane sunset in San Diego:

San Deigo Sunset 26 Sept 2005

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